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Unable to download to iPhone5 or iMac


I haven't been able to use the genie go app on my iPhone5 or iMac since around September 2013.  I have a windows based laptop and haven't had any issues with it, so I know my DVR and my Genie Go is connected to the internet and working properly.  All devices are connected to the same WiFi network with my Genie Go connected directly to my router.  When I open the app either on the phone or the iMac it takes forever to open and it always says there is nothing on my receiver which I know is not true. I have to "force quit" the app on my iMac because it just locks up. I'm assuming this has to do something with the compatibility with Apple products. I think there was an update to the app prior to it not working.  I have never set up the out-of-home-acess because I only used it to download programs from my DVR over my home network. I never wanted to use it to access my DVR away from home and stream over the internet.  Any suggestions or idea when and if  there might be an update to the app for the iPhone?