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I recently acquired the GenieGo. I really got it to play videos on an android tablet during a road trip I'm taking next month with my grandson. I have a micro SD card with 16GB of space on it, which according to what I read should store about 20 hours of videos.


I have some movies on my DVR that I want to put on the tablet, but even though I have set the "storage options" to save movies to the micro SD card, it shows that I have 1.3gb available. Even when trying to download a 1 hour tv show, the device tells me that I don't have enough space to download it.


I DO have more than 1.3gb of space on the SD card. Can someone help me understand why it says 1.3gb limit?

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    Where are you settings this options? inside the DirecTV app or the phone "general" settings?

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      These are the settings within the genie go (DirecTv) app, not the general Android 4.1 settings.


      App settings are as such:

      Manage Auto-Download

      DVR Playlist Manager

      Parental Controls

      Streaming Options

      GenieGO Out of Home Access

      Storage Location


      The setting I have changed is Storage Location, to /mnt/sdcard/geniego

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        My iPhone App doesn't have the "storage location" option.  I'm suspicious the location they refer to is the phone itself and not the GenieGO device.  The device by default uses it's internal storage and uses any device connected to it's USB port as overflow.