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DVR Recording blacked out game instead of local game?


How do I schedule a sports team's games to record from single channel? I have Red's games to record automatically but DVR will sometimes record the blacked out channel instead of the local channel showing the game. I want to specify only the games on the local channel to record and do not want my DVR to record blacked out channels. Reds games are usually shown on FSN Ohio and FSN Cincinnati. But only FSN Cincinnati shows the game in my area. The **** DVR automatically decides to record the FSN Ohio feed (which is 4 hours of blankness) instead of the FSN Cincinnati feed with actual video. HELP!

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    You have two choices in recording sports programming.  You can use the automatic system which sometimes chooses the wrong channel (as you describe) or you can sit down once a week, go through the schedule and hit the record button (a single recording, not a series) on each game you want to record.