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Are number of tuners allowed based on the SWM8 or the 8-way splitter?


I hope this is not a strange question. 


I just had a Genie installed.  I already have an HR24 DVR receiver.


In total, i now have 7 tuners (5 - Genie, 2 - HR24 DVR).


Technician installed an SWM8 switch and an 8-way splitter (in addition to a Deca unit).  Only 2 ports are being used on the 8-way splitter (so, 6 open ports).


The tech said that with my installation i can have a maximum of 8 tuners with this setup.


I thought about that and asked the tech what happens if i wanted another HR24 DVR, since that would be 2 more tuners for a total of 9 tuners and he said that DTV would send someone out.


I asked the tech to install an SWM16 so that if i did get another receiver they would not have to set up another house call but he said he couldn't.  He said that his "order" by DTV was for an SWM8 and he was not allowed alter the order.


I never stopped to think though whether the limitation of 8 tuners is due to the SWM8 switch or the 8-way splitter (since again only 2 ports are in use) or if BOTH are a factor.  How does this work?


I'm guessing it's due to the SWM8 since it seems to be the brains and a splitter should be just a splitter, but again, this tech is new so it may be both.




Thanks for allowing my question.