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HR44 Server shows HR22 Playlist but cannot play


I have two dishes, one connected to a Genie HR44 with 2 wired clients and one connected to an HR22 using a CCK to wirelessly connect the HR22 to the internet and the Whole Home network since the 2 dishes are exclusive of each other.  Both DVRs show each others playlists and the HR22 can play recordings on the HR44 and the 2 Genie clients can play the recordings on the HR22, but the HR44 Genie server cannot play the recordings from the HR22.  When I attempt to play an HR22 recording on the HR44 Genie server it says "could not receiver audio/video packet data". 

I find this odd because the 2 Genie clients play the HR22 recordings fine.


Thanks in advance for the help and let me know if you need more information on my setup to help diagnose the issue above.