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Do not bundle DTV with Verizon!!


I recently bundled my DTV with Verizon DSL, I was also forced to get the Freedom Essentials as part of the bundle with Verizon to receive the discount. The offer was that Verizon would charge me $60 a month, and DTV would credit me $35 on my bill, so that my total bill would be $110 a month between Verizon and DTV....(which was equal to what my local cable company, Adams cable was going to charge me for just internet and TV). Well, Verizon is charging the $60 as promised....with an additional $15 in fees and surcharges every month, Also DTV is charging over $60, making my bill more like $135 a month. When you call DTV, they say to call Verizon, when you call Verizon, they take no responsibility and say its between me and DTV. Therefore creating an endless trap to which no side will do anything about it, short of you paying hundreds of $$ to cancel out of the contracts. Not to mention my Verizon DSL is more expensive than what I was paying for Adams cable and WAY SLOWER with loss of connection every other day. I cant count how many times I had to reset the router, not to mention the constant wrong numbers and telemarketers that call my new Verizon home phone that started less than a day after it was installed, I swear they sell your number the second its activated just so you can pay more for their blocking service....DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRICK!!! You will be stuck overpaying for a year! You get less for more....Lessons learned, I am counting down the days until I can get out of these contracts and go back to Adams Cable.