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Manual Recording gets confused when changing Duration


  I record MLB games as manual recordings.


On Thursday 7/24 I set the following:


  When:  Today

  Start: 11 PM

  Duration 2 hours 10 minutes


If during the game, it appears it is running late, I will change the duration.


If I change the duration before midnight, there is no problem.


After midnight, I changed the duration to 2 hours 40 minutes  (the game was running late)


However, when I go to watch the game, it has the duration on the scale as 26 hours 40 minutes.


If I go back into recording options, indeed it was changed from 2 hours 40 minutes to 26 hours 40 minutes.


Here is where I think the error is made by the receiver:


When I edit it after midnight, it still has the "When" as Today instead of "Yesterday"

  Even though it actually started the day before, it is adding the 2 hours 40 minutes to the 11 PM on Friday instead of Thursday.