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FALSE advertising


Wanted to order Directv service and get a Genie DVR along with the Ultimate programming package with an introductory 12 month cost of $44.99 displayed on the web site. After adding it to the cart, I noticed the price was actually $49.99. Plus they added on "A monthly fee of $6 applies for each receiver or DIRECTV-ready TV/Device on your account." Then another $15.00 was added for Advanced Receiver Service which is apparently for their apps like Facebook, Cinema and functions I don't want.


Absolutely NOTHING is mentioned on the 1st web page about these extra mandatory charges. This is complete BS.


This along with their refusal to sell me a 2nd Genie. I choose to have only one TV and cannot understand why they are turning customers away.


Guess I'll choose another provider!!

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    All company's advertise their base price.After you add HD and DVR service you package price gets adjusted.


    If you want the advertised package price then order one standard def receiver that will be your price plus tax.


    Once you add HD service 10$

    DVR service 10$

    Whole home service

    Your bill gets adjusted

    Any company works this way so good luck

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      Actually, starting the 24th of this month, there was a change on the fee structure.  DirecTV® no longer credits the first receiver, this means that each YV from now on has a $6.00 monthly fee, but instead of charging $25.00 for the ARS (Advanced Receiver Service, which includes your HD, DVR, and WHDVR) DirecTV® now charges $15.00.  So this means that new customers saves $4.00 a month as compared to the old fee structure

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    Nope, not false advertisement when you fail to read the details.  See link



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    crimewatcher wrote:


    Then another $15.00 was added for Advanced Receiver Service which is apparently for their apps like Facebook, Cinema and functions I don't want.

    Advanced Receiver Service, includes your HD, DVR, and WHDVR services.

    And DirecTV® only allows 1 Genie at the moment

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      Got two Hoppers from the other guys and it's cheaper.


      Direct would NOT lease or sell me a 2nd Genie unless I had a 2nd TV. They told me it's not possible to have two Genies on ONE TV and they could not tell me why. It's almost Directv would violate some federal law by allowing customers to have two DVR's hooked up to one TV?   Complete BS.


      True I have to pay the DVR & HD fee but at least Dish Network's advertising was more straightforward.


      Ahhh yes - the small print  - so small you can barely read it! True about the pricing on the base price packages, but nowhere else are these extra charge mentioned as you get further into the ordering process.


      The $4.00 savings is irrelevant since I'm not a customer.


      No Directv for me!!


      Thanks folks!!

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        As long as you're happy that's fine. The reason you can't have multiple Genies is they can have conflicts with the clients and there may be other glitches. So DTV doesn't allow two Genies on the same account.

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    Yes, the two genie issue has nothing to do with how many TVs you have.  DirecTV won't allow two Genies on one account because as haterslayer says there are technical issues which DirecTV has not got around to solving.