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Storm damaged dish


A windstorm dropped a 70 ft tree near my dish. Broke off right sky facing end of the LNB apparatus and slightly bent the dish itself. I pounded out the dent and realigned the dish. Also cut off the broken plastic on the LNB. Now getting only a very weak signal. Curious whether the missing plastic end is functional (i.e. do I likely have to replace it and/or the dish?) Any way to test it other than tuning with receiver? Thanks.

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    It would be best to replace the whole dish $50 service call.

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    It's pretty impressive that you're getting signal at all, actually. even the most minor dings in the dish pan can cause issues with the signal. broken plastic on the LNB is not a concern, as long as it wasn't the plastic cover for the feedhorn. If the cover on the feedhorn is broken, then you could end up getting water in it, and it will short out. shannon01 is correct, the only way you're going to get that aligned correctly and get an acceptable signal strength is to call in a service call. you may also consider adding the Directv Protection Plan to your account as this would be a covered service call which you wouldn't owe anything for.