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Searching for signal (771)


I have 2 standard and 1 DVR receiver. But on 1 of the standard receivers it has missing channels and only the even number transponders r getting signal. I have tryed resetting the receiver, checking all the wires from the dish, the SWM, and the splitters but they all look good. But this didn't start until we had a storm the other night. If anyone can help I would much appreciate it.

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    Check the connections in that line. Most likely a corroded or loose connector.

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    You can try swapping your "bad" Receiver with one of your good Receivers.  If the problem stays with the bad Receiver, then it's defective.  If the problem stays in its room, then something is wrong with the satellite cable into that room. 

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    check for barrel connectors in the line. One of the most common causes of 771 is a bad connection or bad barrel. Especially if this is on one receiver and happened around bad weather. a lot of times, especially if the barrel does not have rubber weather boots, or is not oriented in a horizontal position, then water can migrate into the connector and short out the connection. If this has occurred for any amount of time, it may be prudent to have a technician replace it as moisture can migrate into the dielectric of the coax cable and cause further issues.

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    You are responding to a two year old thread.  Let's hope that the OP was able to resolve their issue