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Iphone app and PC streaming claim receiver not on the same network...


So my receiver is on the same network as my Pc and iPhone. It is connected to the router with ethernet but I have also connected to the actual WIFI connection with no change in result. The Living Room receiver is showing up in the iPhone app, however the remote function does nothing when you press buttons and the streaming material that only works inside your home network claims my receiver is not on the same network. The website says the same thing when trying to view live video that it can't find my receiver on my home network.


I have pressed the red reset button and done the network setup at least three times to no avail. It has worked before on an Android tablet that  I used to own and nothing has changed with my hardware since it used to work that I can think of. I don't see any settings in my router setup that would cause issues. Even UPNP seems to show the correct ports and shows my receiver as connected. I have a Genie receiver if that helps. I'm a long time DTV customer and this is very upsetting. Even the app says not to call for support and instead makes you come to the forums. Any suggestions?