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All shows set to record early prompt me to delete as soon as I watch a few minutes.


I have been experiencing a highly frustrating problem with my DirecTV service (which was just installed this past month) . Any show that I set to start recording 'x' minutes early will record all the way through just fine. But, when I go to watch what I've recorded I can only watch the few minutes I've set to record early and maybe several more before it ends and prompts me to delete it!  This happens when just playing or fast forwarding every single time with every show.


EXAMPLE: I was recording The Simpsons from the ongoing marathon. Because most of them are way out of sync with the start times it would record, I decided to add 5 minute cushioning to the start and end of each.  Here is a video to show you what I'm talking about.




I have the latest Genie DVR plus one mini Genie (wireless) and this happens on both of them.