The expensive NFL Sunday Ticket will *not* carry the Bills/Jags game from London. They claim it's streamed on the internet and that's the same as national TV so they're not obligated. 
When one of several episodes of a program is played on the Genie DVR, then deleted, we get another pop up menu telling us the next program will automatically start unless we click "cancel".  How do…
Whenever this commercial comes on (any channel) the picture freezes on it and the only way to continue watching the program is to leave the channel and come back. I know this Genie receiver has LOTS…
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My HR44 Genie DVR is freezing frequently. It is *ALWAYS and ONLY* at the end of a commercial in live TV. Once it freezes, it stays there, unless I reverse a few seconds, then fast forward past the…
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When will the freezing picture (on certain ads) be corrected?
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I recently upgraded my Directv Package and I have all movie channels. I noticed on demand for stations like HBO you can watch the entire series of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Ect. My question…
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New 0xa05 firmware downloaded today (7/21) for HR34/700 @3:55am EDT. Spontaneous reset 9 hours later. Anyone else see this?
I've had my 34/700 for a couple of years now with few problems other than the occasional freeze requiring a reset.   Lately, however, each time we turn on the TV and DVR with our DirecTV universal…
I'm entitled to a free upgrade and I was told by a DTV customer service rep that I can upgrade my old HR22 to an HR54 even though I already have an HR34 Genie.  When I googled "HR54" while I was on…
I've seen postings for modifying an outgoing dialing prefix on HR20 and HR21 so they can work on a VOIP phone (in my case Ooma), but cannot find a thread on how to do this on an HR34 series DVR.…
all of a sudden when i turn the direct tv on (main one) it says no signal I have to hit the red reset buttton. which it goes into a self check and then eventually it goes on. this is the recorder and directtv receiver. The other two appear to work fine. I think maybe it needs a new box. 
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