Well we just switched to direct TV from dish network and the cable guy who installed our cable was telling me that the TV in my room is the only TV in the house that is not compatible with the direct…
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How can I watch recorded programs on my home Windows 10 computer?  I used Directv2PC with Windows 7 but it doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.  I have GenieGo but it's limited to 5 devices and I used them all up on phones, tablets and netbook computers.
New customer.  Streaming to desktop clearly not working.  Before I go out and spend huge money to overcome that fact that DirecTV can not offer a viable streaming alternative ...   HAS ANYONE…
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Your graphics card does not currently support screen capture protection. I find this hard to beleave a brand new laptop running windows 8.1, how is this so? It say on this site you need a Nivia or…
I recently just changed from DISH to Direct TV.    And, I must say.........Direct TV is the worst..........I keep losing my signal during rain.   Is there any hope if I get one of those covers for…
Why is it that your are only allowed to locally wireless stream certain channels to your PC, IOS device, or Andriod?  I just changed form Dish where I had the sling device and could locally stream…
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I have a Samsung UN65JS9500 with RVU for directv. Had a directv tech come out to connect to my genie as a client but they couldn't because the 2015 Samsung linup is not yet supported. When will this be supported directv?
Hi all. I have to retire my desktop/Win7 computer and have purchased a Surface Pro 3. In going through the setup and looking online it appears that DIRECTV2PC does not work on the SP3.   Basically,…
So ever since I installed DTV2PC, one issue I've had is the buttons are missing a lot. This also happens with shows in the DVR menu, where the episode info will disappear, showing just a folder. You…
I have the tools to install some compression fittings onto the RG6 cable.  My question is when I remove the outer insulation it reveals a braid and under that foil.   I know that I need to fold back…
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While I can remotely set shows to record with DIRECT, I cannot see what has recorded and how much room I have remaining.We are often away from home for extended periods. Often we will watch a show…
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