I was recently upgraded from an HR20 to an HR24.   I noticed that with the new DVR anytime I turn it on to watch TV and I don't change channels, I can rewind back to the beginning of the current…
Is it possible to move content from Genie to external hard drive to watch from pc?
in DIRECTV Media Share
Time to replace my TV. I noticed Samsung has RVU. I currently have a Genie HR44. I'm confused if there is additional costs to use this feature with only one TV.
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So that means the recording of the Blacklist that I wanted didn't record.   When will Season 2 Episode 3 become available?   It's been on Hulu for 2 days now, does Direct TV just hate it's…
in DIRECTV On Demand
Is there a way to have parental controls set but EXCLUDE a certain program? 
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I'm a long-time DirecTV customer with all analog equipment: TVs, receivers, dish. I'm planning a switch to HDTV and want to determine what features to look for in a new TV to make it compatible with…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
New customer and Direct TV is not installed yet. Currently have a back porch tv connected to Dish with a splitter. Will I be able to continue this connection with Direct TV and the Genie system?
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Hi I need some help with my remotes. I have two direct tv boxes few feet apart in my entertainment center. One is Genie DVR and other is mini genie. One is used for watching tv in house other one…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
or can i go out to a restaurant across town and watch TV on my smartphone? 
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
I already had a Whole Home DVR, I JUST had the Genie DVR installed in another room. I have TWO Whole Home DVRs. I can only Record 5 shows at once. With TWO DVRs how do I record 7 Shows at Once. How…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
I just finished installing a Slingbox M1(using wireless) on my HR-24. Easy install and it works flawlessly. Only problem I had was knocking down the IR blaster signal from Slingbox to HR-24, since it…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
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