Hi, I have a Genie HR 44. There is no phone jack near my receiver. Is there an alternate way to utilize caller id other than a hard wire phone line? I DO have a landline and caller ID...
When the channel is selected on the Genie and the Genie mini in neighboring rooms the mini seems to be about 5 seconds behind.  Can they be synched?
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I changed my internet service to someone else. But, I still have the same router. When I programed my router to the new service, a message came up on my TV, stating that the internet lost it's signal…
My installer just left, saying he is not allowed to mount a dish on an exterior brick wall ... yet my Custome Order Checklist says a wall mount is "standard" ... anybody able to shed some light on…
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So my PC (running Windows 7) passed all the tests in the tool so I went ahead and downloaded DIRECTV2PC. Now it keeps telling me that it could not connect to the internet. First I opened the 443 port…
If I upgrade my receiver, can I copy recorded programs from the old equipment to the new equipment?   I'm looking at moving from a regular HD-DVR to the Genie DVR, but don't want to lose the hours…
-----------NOT SOLVED-----------------------------------------     I have tried video streaming on two different computers and two different browsers, both give same error. DTV tells me to call…
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I was recently upgraded from an HR20 to an HR24.   I noticed that with the new DVR anytime I turn it on to watch TV and I don't change channels, I can rewind back to the beginning of the current…
Is it possible to move content from Genie to external hard drive to watch from pc?
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Time to replace my TV. I noticed Samsung has RVU. I currently have a Genie HR44. I'm confused if there is additional costs to use this feature with only one TV.
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So that means the recording of the Blacklist that I wanted didn't record.   When will Season 2 Episode 3 become available?   It's been on Hulu for 2 days now, does Direct TV just hate it's…
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