• No servers were detected

    I am getting a FLOOD of these calls I swear, its like every other call is one of these.   Who broke the software again?
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  • FSR and Service Calls

    I have a ton of questions about FSR's and Service Calls   1. Do you guys ever get our compliment FSRs? Like I just submitted a compliment on behalf of this customer a second ago , but sometimes I doubt anyone e...
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  • NEW Genie Remote- programming issues

    having some problems with the new remotes for the hr44- and it not accepting the 991 to program , if you go in manually through the box, and set it up, it claims its trying the codes but it seems to get hung up, &nbs...
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  • FSST Signature capture

    Has anyone figured out how to do signature capture on a smart phone? There must be a way. I understand that the software is IN the handheld, but it must be downloaded from somewhere?   Just curious, tired of ge...
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  • HR34 CCK Connection

    I could have sworn I saw a Tech Tip or VOM that indicated that you could direct connect the CCK-W to the HR34 via the ethernet cable and not have it interfere with Whole Home like it does with an HR24 or below.  ...
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  • Tech tips?

    Im always hearing from my customers that you guys instantly get their remotes programmed to the tv using some MAGICAL ONE STOP TV CODE...   Is there a faster way then searching the tv brands rated code?
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  • 800 foot SWM install

    I need to install SWM dish in a bar. The dish will be on the roof 800 feet/49 floors up. There will be a total of 10 tuners. there's an rg-11 that already runs down but from what i remember (haven't done installs in 2...
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  • What is the best way to scan barcodes from a smartphone?

    I currently use the barcode keyboard app. It works pretty good, certainly faster than than entering info by hand, its just not a very good keyboard.... No predictive text, and no customization. also it doesn't like re...
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  • Link for tech to tech transfer from smartphone....

    http://mb1.dtvhs.com:8788/mobileihs/T2THandheld.aspx?employeeid=***Enter your full tech number!***                    ...
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  • MasTec's *NEW* 2013 paysheet

    Receiver Deca  8.00/8.00/8.00 for orange/green/blue C31 Client 7.00/8.00/9.00 for orange/green/blue   i almost died laughing when we put are supervisors on the spot about how a orange tech is getting scre...
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  • Swm8 troubleshooting/configuration

    I did an international upgrade recently which required a swm 8. I changed out the swm lnb with a kaku5 and ran the 4 lines to the swm 8. I went in to look at the signal strength on the screen and every other tran...
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  • Pole Mount pole size

    Had an installer come today to upgrade to the HR24 receiver with new dish but I need to move my pole-mount pole. Old one is 2" OD but the pole fitting (that he left with me to size properly) fits over a roughly 1-3/4"...
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  • download times kaku hd dvrs and hmc

    Could you please make a note to speed up the downloads on what seems like upto 45mins, as customers kinda wonder as myself specially when it gets late at night, l know don't screw it up the 1st time Christ sake &...
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  • Multiple Receivers One RF remote

    I am sure this is old hat for some of you, but I am wondering if there is an existing thread or perhaps someone could just give me a quick rundown, I want to program a single DirecTV RF remote to control multiple H25 ...
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  • pre hire question

    To any tech working with directv home services, and has time or feels like answering, I have a question.  I am in the background, drug, and medical screening process.  I know my background is good.  My ...
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  • C31 client

    Are any of you selected as a c31 beta test client?
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  • Call center

    Call center message says this call may be recorded for training purposes……..Who is doing the training? Tuesday I get a service call work order. The call center did not put on it that a 40 ladder, tie of...
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  • Droid Razr Maxx Can't Login To Siebel After ICS Update - Help Please

    I often use my droid razr max to login to wireless instead of the handheld and it has always worked well.  However yesterday I did an update to my droid to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich - (childish name for software OS...
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  • Galaxy s2 upgraded to Android 4.0. Rio access trouble..

    I just update my galaxy to 4.0 ICS. Now I can't log in Rio. Anybody got any ideas other than OPERA.                   &nbs...
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  • TIVO HD/DVR ?????

    Had a job today that called for .....hd/dvr   and tivo :true ....needless to say I did install and could not activate and customer was told he needed to reschedule.. when did start using tivo ird's again???be nic...
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