• FISST Link

    Can I access FISST from my PC to acknowledge my route before leaving home like I did with RIO? If so can someone send me the link?
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  • No servers were detected

    I am getting a FLOOD of these calls I swear, its like every other call is one of these.   Who broke the software again?
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  • Edumacate Me - HR44/C41

    We just started getting HR44/C41s in the shop.  I've done a single HR44 on an upgrade and HR44 with 3 C41s New Install.  Observations/Questions:   On the HR44 upgrade I used the internal wireless to c...
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    Hi Guys start installing HR44 with C41 and realize new RC71 remote does not have FORMATE BUTTON. Now I can format HR44 by pressing RES button on the IRD but how you change it on the Client.
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  • Fraud - Yes / no?

    So I run into accounts sometimes with like 18+ active recievers on the account non commercial , with like 30 or so deactivated reciever.   My question is do you guys every see houses with actually that many rec...
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  • Past due balance

    I have done my last "past due balance job." I know csr's monitor this forum. How does a customer schedule a former install or upgrade with a past due balance? You can only image how frustrating it is to go to a job, m...
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  • DPP & PPP rates

    Do contractors get paid the same as Mastec inhouse and O&O for DPP/PPP sold? If so what are the rates?
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  • resend authoization from handheld?

    It never works when I try doing it myself, but if I call the installer activation line it works every time. Is there something I'm missing, or is it like this for everyone? Thanks
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  • Adding Multiple Clients...One PIN or multiple PINs

    Just curious what everyone else is doing.   The scenario is a New Install with 2 or more clients.   Do you complete the "Add a Client" process for each individual client, obtaining a seperate PIN for eac...
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  • No more smart phones!!!!!!!

    Any ideas how to obtain the customer signature on screen with smart phone. We have to go back to the brick phone in order to get the signature with the new app FISST. Roll out in few days     ...
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  • hand held access through smartphones

    I have heard that there is a way to verify that a receiver has responded before u leave the install. If any one knows how to do this please post back.  I'm a contractor who hates to drive an hour to find out why ...
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