• Issue with picture after upgrading to Genie

    I am having a HD grainy issue. I have 2 Samsung 240hz tvs (7100 and 8000 series) and since Friday when I had the install of the genie system (1 Model: HR44-700 and 2 Model: C41-100) my feed is grainy. Before the upgra...
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  • Remote code for RCA LED32B30RQD TV/DVD Combo - Still Looking

    I see this question has been asked more than once in these forums beginning in 2012 without being fully resolved...so I'm trying again.   We purchased an RCA LED32B30RQD TV/DVD Combo from Best Buy a few months a...
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  • 16-digit MAC address reported for Genie HD DVR

    I called DirecTV tech support several times trying to resolve a problem with the MAC address being displayed for my new Genie HD DVR (model HR44-700).  Under 'settings', the MAC address was a 16-digit code, rathe...
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  • Why did the current come thru my HDMI cable, spark and burn up my TV?

    This is what I found out so far, I have a HDDVR and been using it since 2008, the other day I woke up and a breaker outside would not reset, I'm thinking maybe lighting strike. I tried it a few times and went in the h...
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  • Can anyone help me connect my Genie HR 44-500 to the Internet?

    I have tried many times to connect my Genie receiver to the Internet.  The Genie (HR44) recognizes my wireless network without any problem.  It then asks for my pass key to be entered.  After I enter it...
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  • Can't connect WIFI to HR 44, can anyone help?

    I am a new (3 weeks) customer. I have tried many (hundreds, it seems) times to connect my Genie HR44 receiver to the Internet via wifi on my home network..  The Genie (HR44) recognizes my wireless network without...
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  • HR34-700 Pixelization Problems

    How do I get DTV to take my Genie back and a HD21-200 and give me two HD23-700 that work, I will gladly give up the 5th receiver for a system that works!!   Put the Genie back in the bottle until it works.  ...
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  • GenieGo on Laptop Crashes/Windows 7 Home Premium

    I've got geniego all setup but while geniego app on laptop is open, it will just crash and ask if i want to review logs and i click yes but never get to see the logs. I can download the dvr shows but i have to be ther...
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  • Pixelation on local HD channels on HR34-700

    I've posted a couple of times, starting on June 6, the first day I called DirecTV about this.  I can't find the history of the discussion, and I'm not sure I ever really did post a new question, though I've seen ...
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  • SWM Genie & My RG6 - Help!

    So, DTV kindly sent me a Genie DVR and 4 Genie Mini's to replace my current setup (A few HDDVR's and assorted receivers.)   They didn't mention the need to convert to SWM, so they sent an installer out. The stor...
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  • Get The Fastest and Most Effective Tech Support - Call DirecTV

    My experience with problems with reception, loss of channels, or other apparent hardware issues have best been served by simply calling DirecTV tech support.  This is not obvious on their website, as the tech sup...
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  • Genie RC71 Remote and Apple Remote

    Just received a Genie RC71 today with an RC71 remote.  Everything is working great, except I can't seem to program my Apple Remote to the RC71.  I am supposed to be able to "add a remote" to my apple TV, and...
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  • 2 local channels that are pixelated

    I have swim line and a HR 24 DVR for 2 years now. for about the last 9 months i have had 2 local channels that get pixelated they are both from the same broadcaster KEYC Mankato Minnesota. it does it at different time...
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  • Installing directv at second home via existing dish satellite?

    I am a recent subscriber to dtv...i have a genie, mini genie and an hd receiver...i am also dumb. but dtv works great. we have a second home and want to bring dtv there when present...usually the month of august and a...
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  • Moving Soon

    I am in the process of designing a new home to be built soon.  I would like to keep Direct TV, but I'm not sure about LOS at the new house.  I currently don't get HD or Local Channels due to a LOS problem at...
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  • How to setup a outdoor/patio TV

    Besides running a very long cable from my Genie to the outside TV, or paying the obscene amount of money to get the new C41W installed, is there a way to run a wireless setup with any 3rd party adapters?
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  • New Construction Help

    We have been customers for 11 years and pay for every sports package and all channels. Now we are Building a new home with 6 TV's. My electrician assures me DIRECTV should be able to come out and consult on prewire.&...
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  • Customer service

    Disappointed!  I spent approximately 1-1/2 hour trying to get assistance with our system.   After being transferred and disconnected multiple times we finally resolved the issue on our own.   ...
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  • Audio Dropouts

    I get a couple seconds audio dropout many times a day. It happens on live shows and recorded shows. My HR24 is connected to an Onkyo receiver and Samsung TV, using HDMI. Can you lead me to any possible solutions/issues?
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  • Can I use a 2-3/8" OD post?

    Hi,   I am new for the forum.   I am considering switching over to DirecTV.  I want to know if I can have the dish attached to an existing conduit (that feeds the main electrical power lines from the po...
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