• KA/KU LNB question

    why can't I get a reading on transponder 1 when 3 and 5 are both strong (on the 99)........getting multi channels with 771 error               ...
    created by truckeehd
  • LNB question

    What is the difference between and SL3 and a SL3S?                            ...
    created by flaviak
  • NO RF input

    I am a tech in a 72.5 market and all of the gear we install is MPEG4, what am I suppose to do when a customer only has a coaxial input on the back of the TV. Should I cancel?       &...
    created by flaviak
  • New DVR?

    I just received my fist shipment of R22s today, is there anything special about these or are they just like the R16?                 ...
    created by flaviak
  • What is Installation verification?

    and does it check for? is it on all boxes or just HDDVRRs? thanks for the help                       ...
    created by flaviak
  • Still Confused

    What are the differences between and H21 and H23? they look exactly the same                       &n...
    created by montanabrit
  • Single line to HDDVR

    I attempted to do an HDDVR upgrade today for a customer with a very sophisticated setup that was obviously wired by a home theater expert.  The receivers were all located remote from the TVs in a small under-the-...
    created by chendrickson
  • extra charges

    Is there a list or guide on what custome charges are?? pole mount.. coping a reciever to other room.. running wires in wall.. thanks              ...
    last modified by seymour312
  • copper clad steel cable?

    what kind of effects would copper clad steel cable have on the workings of a HD or HD-DVR ?                     ...
    created by directv0106
  • NY Albany Locals

    Started recetly.  Seems to only see a problem on the local HD channels. Periodic (once every 10-15 minutes) burp in the sound, sometimes a pixellation.  Couple weeks ago we had an entire House episode from l...
    created by sg000
  • Wall Fishing

    Here are some tips for doing a wall fish. By following these steps I have been able to complete a wall fish in 15 minutes. 1st I cut a piece of coaxial about 6 inches long, use my strippers to strip 3 inches on one en...
    created by directvtch
  • Dish Size & Ports

    I currently have an older triple LNB dish.  I am using a D-TV Tivo, RCA SD, Sony SD and Sony HD receivers. I am going to replace the RCA SD and Sony HD receivers with the D-TV HD PVR units. At that time I will ...
    created by mchrist
  • The problem might be with the dish or the wiring...??

    OK, I posted in the receiver forum, but I think it may have to do with the dish or the wiring and that is why there is no solution over there. My receiver is stuck on step 9 at 0%. I did the test and it showed all 9...
    created by thorntondtv
  • No Signal on Tuner 2 - DirecTV HR20

    I recently added a 6x8 multiswitch and noticed that I am no longer getting a signal on Tuner 2 on one of my DirecTV HR20 receivers (my other receivers are working fine).  This issue now prevents me from watching ...
    created by lgarcia45
  • max length coax between hd dish and receiver

    Because of a tree situation, the only place on my property for an hd dish will be on the roof of a detached garage. This will require a cable run of 200 - 250 feet from the dish to the receiver. Is this doable? If yes...
    created by katman
  • Weather boots...YES or NO?

    There's been a ton of discussion lately around whether or not weather sealant boots should be installed on all outdoor connections,  we do agree that at the very least we must "weather proof" outdoor cables and...
    created by val_installs
  • *ALERT* D12-100 Audio Issue

    DETAILS: Audio may be low or noisy if receiver is connected to TV with coaxial cable. RESOLUTION: press power button on front panel of receiver or remote to resolve issue. If receiver is unplugged, issue may return...
    created by val_installs
  • Problem with HR20-100S

    I am having an issue with my hd-dvr. when i tune to different channels it takes sometimes up to one minute to tune in to that   particular broadcast. also, i cannot do dvr functions on it as well (i.e. pause...
    created by imrfox7576
  • OTA signal lost

    I installed an OTA antenna recently. Worked great until suddenly no OTA signal at all at any DirecTV tuner. The antenna connections are fine, no lightning, etc. I cannot see how an OTA antenna would suddenly fail. Any...
    created by tutone