There is no doubt directv will call. Even when informed not to regarding the issues. First I still feel directv, and the technician do not fully understand issues. The text on the receicver is so…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
The clicking sounds the genie remote makes when changing channels is very annoying to me...Any other remotes available that do not make the clicking sounds when changing channels ?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
i called and they said to just enroll in paperless billing but that just shows me the statement of what is owed each month. i need a payment history of payments i made for the last year. Thank you
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I opened a service ticket a short time after getting my equipment upgraded about the RC 71 remote.  I have 4 of them after the upgrade, and one of them, every 2 days or so, no longer functions in RF…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Why doesn't Directv have an alternate channel for the SEC network like it has for the other sports channel for other athletic conferences to show more than 1 game at the same time?
in 3D Television (3DTV)
Is the SEC Network going to have an Alternate Channel for the games this weekend? Last weekend the Mississippi State game was not showing for a good portion of the game due to the Auburn vs Arkansas…
in 3D Television (3DTV)
Hi all,   I just renewed my DirecTV subscription and got the Sunday Ticket.  Just wondering if there's a way to verify that Sunday ticket is working prior to Sunday's games?  I won't be home and…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
On 8/12/14 there was a software update to 0x8a6.  During that update direct tv changed the way that the fast forward button works.  I used to be able to push the fast forward 6 times fast and then…
I have been a subscriber to the DirecTV Protection Plan for more than 2 years which entitles me to a hardware upgrade.  I recently called in to order an HR-44 Genie, but was informed that they could…
I have a new RC71 that I programmed to work with my Samsung LN52B750U1F, the problem is that pressing the "On" button just sends the "Power Cycle" command to the TV, resulting in my TV shutting…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Hello - I have searched all over the DirectTV site but cannot find a printable channel list that is in numerical order.   Does anyone know if one exists?  I have the Choice package.   Thanks, Terry…
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