why are ya'll charging me for a defective remote when it said to replace it?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Over a year ago, we retired (disconnected) our 2 standard definition receivers and upgraded to the Genie set up.  Those 2 receivers have been unplugged and in our storage unit since.  But under 'my…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I've had the service less than a week.  I am experiencing so many issues that it's become extremely depressing, frustrating,  chewing up my time.  I have found chat to be worthless.  Technicians come…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
hello i'm looking to buy an owned genie e bay is a freaking joke since most sellers won't give up the receiver serial numbers so I can run it by the access card dept to make sure that it's owned and…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Did not realize I would have all this space. Anyhow, unconnected 3 wires, removed HR21 and replaced with HR24 and reconnected SWM unit, but it won't recognize the HR24. Any ideas?
i recorded several movies from Showtime/HBO. Why do some of the recordings expire and others will not until I delete it?  If it is recorded, why should it expire?
I am just in the planning stage right now, but obviously have a challenge on how to manage each of the devices independently, and would ideally have a single remote. Any suggestions on how to set…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I tried to talk via telephone & they hung up on me.   The majority of my HD is now compressed, so bad that it's worse than watching a DVD on Composite wiring. (I can't wait till my agreement is up.)
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
Good evening.  I have been a DirecTV customer for 11 years now.  I upgraded, via free promotion, to a Genie over a year ago.  3 tv's (genie and 2 dvrs, whole home) and my current bill is over $120…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
There was a software upgrade last night, 0x99c, and now Pandora and Youtube are gone.  Any clues?  All other On Demand is working and downloading fine.  When I go to "Extras", both are gone.
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