I have the HR44-700 Genie and mostly watch recorded TV series. I just found that I could not skip commercials while watching "Marriage" recorded from the FX channel. An error message appears that…
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While viewing TCM I received error message 771 (no satellite signal).  Only TCM seems to be affected as all other channels are fine and only on this one receiver.  I have reset my dish but the same…
Recently upgraded to the Genie system.   My old DirecTV hardware recognized my Sony STR DN1050 Receiver but Genie does not?   The Genie remote control software is in the Genie itself and not the…
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I am an avid watcher of "The Blacklist" and set dvr to record it after the super bowl but unfortunately it started late so I didn't get it all recorded as the dvr started recoding it according to the…
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I don't know.  Maybe I'm the only guy in the world who falls asleep in front of the TV.  But I don't think so.   This new Episode thing is great, in most ways.  But I can't help wonder if they did…
I do not see anywhere in my email preferences here where to stop receiving weekly email updates. The subject of these email is always in the following format.   DIRECTV Technical Forums Updates,…
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Is there a way to Page Down when viewing the Guide rather than scrolling one channel at a time?
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I let the box run a self diagnostic and let the box try to repair itself. Still no signal this morning.
I just upgraded from an HR34 to a 44 and that means a new (and unfortunately inferior on the surface remote). There are two features that I can't seem to find on this new remote.   First, is there a…
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I have been with DirectTV for 10 years and requesting an Italian channel for 5 years. You have channels for every language on the planet except Italian!  Enough is enough. I will be moving within six…
I'm so annoyed. Sat down to watch the series "Getting On" (HBO) second season, and we're missing the 2nd episode! How does this happen? Don't we pay for the entire series? What can we do about this?
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