Hey Folks,   I've been waiting to upgrade for a while now. I understand the HD44 is a far superior DVR as compared to the HD34.   I don't want to debate the comparison. I just want to know if…
Just received updated equipment (RC72 remote and HR44-500 Genie). When flipping between DVR'd program and live programming with my previous hardware, the Previous button would take me back to where I…
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Hi. New to this forum. My current set-up is three HR24-500's with the whole home DVR setup. Last month they had to replace one of them and they put in the old HR22-100. I called and complained that…
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Installation done January 2014. Recent newsletter touted instant weather reports using "Active" button on remote. My remote has no active button. Why?   Thanks.
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Apples and watermelons! I got an email indicating I needed to update my status. There is no indication of what that means or what is required or expected. No info on HELP. Any idea of what is wanted…
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How do I access Amazon Prime from my Genie?
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I know this is a kingergarten level question but that's about where my technical ability is as well :--),  Anyhow, want to hook up a dvd to the receiver. the receiver back has room for the three…
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my dvr skips, freezes, erases recordings, deletes shows from my que, live play stutters, and freezes, pixelates, and garbles audio. this has hhappened since july 2013, and directv wont do anything to…
Tried Direct's movie thing and found it too complicated as in some movies are free, some aren't, and you have to search forever. I would like to connect to netflix as I do on my two computers. Since…
Some kind of design flaw with remote because the Power On Off code works okay with audio device when testing during setup.  Turns out it only controls the volume.  It's bad design and very annoying…
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Dear Forum:   Genie HD DVR Model HR34-700 2-Genie Minis, Model C31-700 Remote: RC65R The number 1 on the remote almost never works any more.  I have to really mash it and now the number 3 is…
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