The conversion of 4:3 standard definition channels to enhanced definition 16:9 format would have a minimal effect on bandwidth; while still giving a picture that isn't distorted when rendered on a…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
Where is the DIRECTV app for a Surface tablet?
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
GenieGo Won't stream due to drm connection issue. It has been working fine for a month. How do I remedy this?
So I am going to be leaving the states to head to Japan. I called to cancel and ended up arguing for 20 minutes because I would not have a home to have the return boxes sent too. For some odd reason…
I am very concerned because I was watching a show that I recorded last night and the DVR froze.  I waited a couple minutes and tried to FF and change channel. Nothing happened so I hit the reset…
For Whole-Home DVR service to work correctly with the hd receivers (R22s), shouldn't I be using the built in DECA unit rather than the portable unit installed by the installer at the dvr?  Does it…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
How can i control the volume of my sony HT-CT60BT sound bar with my directv  RC -71 remote?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
My HR44 will connect to my wireless network and the internet only after I reset the receiver (via settings), but disconnects after about 10 minutes every time.  Laptops and smartphones have no…
We have a new Samsung Smart TV (model #UN32H5201AF) - and the universal remote that came with it does not turn on our Direct TV receiver. Model # of our Direct TV remote is RC71. Our Direct TV…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I have a HR22-100 and a HR34-700 and would like to know if a RC66 remote will control them by RF (can't use IR because of locations).
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
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