First time cable/satellite TV user. . . .inexperienced. . .I have BeIn sports channel on which I watch a lot of soccer.  The commentary is always in Spanish.  When I am watching, there is a prompt…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
MY HR24-100 turns itself and my tv on. It also will go to guide while watching tv, go to My Directv and even record shows not being watched or set to record.  can anyone help me out?
The DirecTV iPad app is showing shows that have long since been deleted from my DVR playlist.  Has anyone seen this before?  This is a new issue that I had not seen before.
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
I have gotten the 771 every since I got directv. I come home today and now nothing comes on. Not even the local channels. Tried calling and they are having issues now and for me to try again in a few…
fresh batteries and an ir repeater is not flashing either so i don't think there remote is transmitting   if i hold down a button till i see the blue flash it can take a min or more for each button…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I am trying to get my RC64R remote control to work with my Genie mini C41-100 receiver.  I have followed the on-screen instructions to no avail.  I gather from this form that the RF systems on the…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I have an ipad air and genie go. Everything works like it is supposed to although when I am on my ipad using the direct tv app and go to the "on DVR" section and try to delete a program it get this…
I have a Genie HR44-500, three C41-100 mini's, and a HD-DVR HR24-100. It is my understanding that the Genie has 5 slots (that's what I call them) that allows me to watch 1 and record 4 others, and…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
My receiver only uses 1 cable.  can I connect a cable to each LNb, then use a 'splitter' in reverse to connect both cables from the lnbs and have the one cable come out of the splitter and then…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
The new Smart TV from LG now uses WebOS.  The model number is 49UB8500, 55UB8500, or 65UB8500.  Thanks!
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
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