roomie remote app allows users to set a button that accesses the specific 'channel' of a media box via IP so the user can hit the button and the box tunes directly to the required function.  Does…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
When I go to start the show at the beginning message says reciever is busy and could take up to 3 hrs. Have had no problem this just started. What can I do?
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The latest update on Genie shows the Season and Episodes of shows it records. It even puts them in order when an earlier episode is recorded later. That is nice binge viewing.   Will there be an…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
I can control volume but the remote won't turn stereo on.  I chatted with tech support and they said the new remote can't turn my stereo on like the old one did.  Are you kidding me??!
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I have lost the use of my EXIT ley and also lost the tv-apps. I did a soft reboot by disconnecting the power cord for 30 seconds then reconnected it. Now everything is back to working the way it is…
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I'm trying to save about $100 (over DirecTV's quote) by purchasing and installing a new Genie hr44 (with the necessary add-ons) myself, and would appreciate any expert opinions that might let me know…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have the light blue overlay message on all channels, at all times saying "Australian Open Experience - Press {RED} for experience"   It will not go away. Pressing red gives the 'negative' sound…
Ok I will start this off by saying I am FED up with directv customer service. After 3 weeks and 3 hours of phone calls, i finally got someone in the retention department to send me an H44 receiver to…
ONLY during playback of a recorded show, audio/video will cut out and return for a second randomly. Sometimes it will do it once every 10 minutes, other times it will do it several times in a row.…
Some shows that are set up to record show up on the guide as recording but then do not appear in the List when the show is complete. This happened last night 1/18/2014 for the first part of a two…
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So I've read similar discussions, contacted DirectTV (can't come out for 2 weeks) and I'm really frustrated.  The HDMI cable works, the dvd player produces both sound and video, however only video…
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