Hi All, I'm in Humacao, PR and have a Northeast sky view, will a Directv antenna work with that exposure. Thanks
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The CY70356 Satellite Finder is apparently capable of powering the LNB, however, have not been able to confirm that it is capable of handling SWM.  User manual is horrible.   Blayne
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I bought a Samsung HW-HM45 sound bar from Costco.  I have a C41-500 genie mini receiver and the RC66RBX remote.  I've tried all of the Samsung codes and nothing works.  I have programmed the remote…
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I consistently receive the error code 771 on several channels in perfectly clear weather
I have the hd dvr hr-22.  While watching recorded shows the picture blacks out or the audio mutes or both or the picture start to pixelate.  I am not sure if it is happening on the shows I recorded 6…
I have 50 mbs download and 5 mbs upload so can stream anything and do it with multiple shows etc.  I have no problem watching other streaming services like Netflix.  Good thing I have HBO Go because…
in DIRECTV On Demand
I just got a Changhong UD55YC5500UA tv. I have a RC71B remote but it will not program to work the tv. What code do I use to get my remote to program to work the tv?
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Getting this same adventure on 3 HR24-500s I have. HR24-200 and Genie HR34 all working fine. Guide takes literally minutes to load. Change channel can sometimes take many, many seconds. It is so…
I have a RC65X remote, it won't change channels or volume nor bring any of the Directv menus up including guide. When I press a button on the remote such as volume I get a dialog box saying " TV keys…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Why doesn't my new Genie RC72 change channels?  It turns the TV ON and OFF, but it is stuck on one channel.
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