Went to use my Media Share today and it is NO WHERE to be found in the Directv menu.  Software update?  Another service DTV is going to charge us for?  I will switch if that is the case.  Get it…
in DIRECTV Media Share
solving what should be a simple request by me and others to allow deleting recorded history appears to be beyond capabilities of Directv unless there is some hidden reason. Perhaps there are two…
Power outage in SoCal......receiver wont reboot. Tried unplugging, etc....and what channel is the TV to be on for the receiver link?
Can we get local channel WNDY 23 Indianapolis in HD please its the only local channel in the Indianapolis market that isn't in HD--WNDY 23 will be broadcasting several Cubs games this spring and…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
Hello,   i have a hr24 dvr with an extra cable box, and an am21 for local channels. I can get local channels on the dvr box, but not the other one. Is there any way to get local channels on both…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
how do i program a replacement RC73 remote?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
How do I connect my HD DVR Genie HR44-500 to an older DVD-R?  I know this was answered a million time in the past, but those posts/answers are blocked on my end.  Thank you in advance for any help!
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Unit (ether receiver or  Remote)  is slow in responding  take a few to seconds to change channels, to bring up program guide, adjust volume  and any commands.  Is there something I can do or do I…
Several times I have set up the dvr to record programs 3 days-to-a-week in advance. Confident that it will record, I do not worry. HOWEVER the program did not record. This has happened several…
I have tried resetting everything and still no connection. It sees my network but will not connect.
I have the Vizio 80" 3D tv and for some reason about 2 months ago the TV pictures goes black when I try to use the DVR on the direct box. Says Resolution not supported. The TV is 1080i and I never…
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