I set up GenieGo to download to my Windows 8.1 tablet yesterday, then found out I could NOT change the location of the download to D:\ driver (my SD drive with capacity).  I can use internal C:\…
I installed the direct TV player  on my PC (Win 7 64 bit) and am having a recurring problem. when I chose to watch a movie the download will get to 85 percent and just hang. Twice I have…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
There are a couple of times I've fallen asleep in the middle of watching a VOD movie or tv show and want to pick up where I left off but can't because VOD doesn't permit fast forwarding. Why? To…
in DIRECTV On Demand
Why can we not fast forward on shows that are downloaded??  I can rewind but it says that "fast forward is not available for this".  I think we pay enough for tv that we should be able to fast…
in DIRECTV On Demand
hi there i have a problem with my reciever. most of the time when pressing the remote buttons for the guide 90% of  the time it will take up to 20sec for it to come up. or when watching something i…
When we first upgraded to Genie a few month ago everything worked great. Lately the picture and audio quality has been getting progressively worse. While watching live TV the picture will freeze and…
The only fix that I can find is to remove the batteries for 30 seconds or so and voila it's working again. Any ideas?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Hello,   I've tried every code listed and can't seem to get the Genie remote to control the sound on the Vizio M602I-B3. It passes the test durring the setup, but when I exit setup, it doesn't work…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Any help would be appreciated, the house we live in was wired for 3 rooms of Dtv when we got it. We decided to only use one with a dvr, that was a year ago, and now we decided to add a receiver…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Can somebody tell me why I am not getting any local channels
How can I stop my resolutions from changing on its own?
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