mjh posted 11 months ago
I just had an HDTV installed w/1 DTV receiver. I want to "add" a TV to "mimic" the main TV, as a monitor. I was told there's some sort of RF device or something that I can hook up for about $10 that will do the trick? (With the previous TV I was able to do this using a splitter with 2 coax cables, but I'm told that won't work with this new HDTV receiver setup.)

Please speak slowly, as I'm not too tech saavy! ;-)


  • peds48

    peds48 11 months ago

    You need an RF modulator.  You connect the MOD with composite cables to the DirecTV HD receiver and coax to the second TV.  This set up of course will not offer HD on the second TV. 

    You ou might also want to get a component to composite converter to avoid the "your cables are not HD" OSD error message
  • mjh

    mjh 11 months ago


    So… I use this thingy and the 3 RCA cables, attach the coax to the 2nd TV, but I would leave the ANT IN port empty?



    The 2nd TV is not HD, just an older small flatscreen, so would I still get this error message? And where would I get that message, on the main TV or 2nd TV??


    P.S. -- You’re overloading my big head and a wisp of smoke can be seen coming from my right ear!     Thanx again.

  • peds48

    peds48 11 months ago

    Yes, you leave the ANT IN empty

    Te message would appear on the SD TV as long as your TV is set to an HD resolution (720p, 1080i/p)

    This message would block big portion of the picture for about 20 seconds

  • mjh

    mjh 10 months ago

    Thanx again.

    Sounds simple enuf 4 me 2 do…

    Whatever happened to those simple “roulette wheels” they used to have on the front of the TVs?  :-o