I had purchased a CCK about a year ago when I was told that I could no longer use the Ethernet connection directly from my receiver to gain internet access once the Whole Home DVR was activated.  …
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I have a Samsung 4k TV, 65 inch. I get pixelation on some HD channels, including Disney HD as well as others. Directv has been out 3 times and I have done tech support via the phone and they have…
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A few times over the past few months, a show that was automatically recorded from my series manager does not show up in my playlist. This has happened maybe 3 times, and to a different show each time…
When the channel is selected on the Genie and the Genie mini in neighboring rooms the mini seems to be about 5 seconds behind.  Can they be synched?
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We have 2 DirecTV receivers that were recently upgraded and the technicians who did the installation left the RCA audio cables from the old boxes dangling and unconnected. I thought it was no big…
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When I go to start the show at the beginning message says reciever is busy and could take up to 3 hrs. Have had no problem this just started. What can I do?
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hello MODS, first time post.  genie go hr 34 series.  want to stream on PC.  did network setup on receiver - success.  check network connection test in menu of directv receiver - success.  checked…
We just had an service call for non related rooms and received a new remote for our main TV.  The old remote could change volume on our Panasonic Home Theater system (SC BT100).  The brand new remote…
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The latest update on Genie shows the Season and Episodes of shows it records. It even puts them in order when an earlier episode is recorded later. That is nice binge viewing.   Will there be an…
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I had two interesting conversations with ISS after a technician got stuck upgrading 3 C31's to 4 C41W's.  One suggested that the mac filter was jammed up in the WVB and the other suggested the same,…
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