After I pause a DVR recording and push the left-arrow (back) button one the remote, I am supposed to be returned to the information page for that recording.  On my model HR44-500 DVR controlled by…
Is the wvb the same as directv cinema connection kit?
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I recently added a new TV and Genie Mini to my home.  Everything is all setup except that I am having an issue trying to program the new remote to control the TV.   The remote is an RC72, the Genie…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I'm having difficulty resuming where I left off in the same room. About 20% of the time it will start in the beginning even when I choose the "resume" option. The rest of the time I have no problem.…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
For whatever reason I was not able to respond to the replies to my question. I don't know if it's my computer that is causing the problem. I just wanted to thank texasbrit, shannon01, peds48, and…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have the tools to install some compression fittings onto the RG6 cable.  My question is when I remove the outer insulation it reveals a braid and under that foil.   I know that I need to fold back…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I've played around with this several times now. The first time was a movie that was about 20 or so minutes into the live broadcast. I did pause the stream so that may have had an effect. But prior to…
Have a small tv in kitchen connected with tv in family room to Genie dvr.  Have had HD reception on both tv's previously.  Now the small tv is not HD picture.  Any suggestions?
The conversion of 4:3 standard definition channels to enhanced definition 16:9 format would have a minimal effect on bandwidth; while still giving a picture that isn't distorted when rendered on a…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
Hello Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble setting recordings with the app.  Recently noticed that I can only set recordings when I'm at home and connected to home wifi. Both boxes are…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
I recently purchased and SWIM 8 and splitter (self installed) it was a snap. Future plan is to upgrade to a Genie with remotes.   Roadblock with DirecTV is that they have no record of the SWIM 8 on…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
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