New customer from comcast. I still have the internet service. However the guy that came to install moved my modem upstairs and now im having trouble connecting to my PS4 to wifi. I was wondering if i…
When we first upgraded to Genie a few month ago everything worked great. Lately the picture and audio quality has been getting progressively worse. While watching live TV the picture will freeze and…
I recently had my system upgraded in my new house.  I wired the house with 2 RG6 and 4 CAT6 connections on most walls, with others having 1 RG6 and 2 CAT6.  All of this is wired back to a four post…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have recently mounted my tv above my fireplace. I was wondering if there was a wireless transmitter I could purchase instead of running the cable to the tv. I was also wondering if there was a…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Any help would be appreciated, the house we live in was wired for 3 rooms of Dtv when we got it. We decided to only use one with a dvr, that was a year ago, and now we decided to add a receiver…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Can somebody tell me why I am not getting any local channels
hi there i have a problem with my reciever. most of the time when pressing the remote buttons for the guide 90% of  the time it will take up to 20sec for it to come up. or when watching something i…
what at is the cost to the customer to replace a failed dvr reciever or genie reciever?
Is there anywhere else to get the video player? cant even access the download page in linux I guess. would like to try and run it in wine.
thornscboys new to directv..but Im confused and getting different answers to my problem..i have a main genie in the living room..which works fine and I have zero problems with..but the mini in the…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Have been on the phone with DTV so many times.  Deleted the app.  Reinstalled.  Get to the add your device screen and die there.  Says one or more system requirements missing, but neither I nor DTV…
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