Why am I being charged 199$ for an install into a house that I have already paid the builder to prewire for satalite?
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
We have noticed that on multiple TVs/DVRs on multiple channels that whenever the commercial for "Fan Duel Fantasy Football" plays, it pauses the DVR at the end of the commercial showing their coupon…
I have had Genie HR 44-500 receiver connected in Whole Home network for several years. I recently purchased a new Samsung UHD TV and have started experiencing a very strange issue. Randomly I lose…
  We have three problems with the present DECA setup:  1) We have two Samsung RVU TVs, which we thought were good enough to receive wireless transmissions through the Whole Home network from the…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
I currently have a Genie Mini C41-100 and im using HDMI with my main TV and I hooked it up to a second tv to mirror it via the AV cables and a splitter.Both TVs work fine the main TV (HDMI) works and…
I'd prefer that in a forthcoming installation the installer run coax from the Genie DVR to the individual Genie Mini Clients. By my estimation of the job this will be possible given a combination of…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
A simple question I have a hr20-700 connected to an 18 in round dish. My TV has 3 HDMI ports. HR20-700 has HDMI out. I understand the 18 inch dish only received SD transmissions. System is set up…
I installed a new LG TV and I can't seem to get my Genie remote to operate the TV. I have an HR44 receiver and the TV is an LG 47LB6500. Any ideas?
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
With our old router, Genie Go's access to HR24 was spotty, but since installing a new Netgear router, Genie Go does not find the HR24 at all.    We have one HR44, a Genie Mini, and the HR24-100.  …
I have a Genie small box that will not respond at all.  I have to turn it on physically, that works; however, it does not have the capability to change the channel, go to list or to guide.  I called…
Recently upgraded my reciever to HR24/500 and cannot record more than one program or when ordering PPV will not transfer to other TV's  Did I order the wrong upgrade?
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