I need to Program a RC65R to a Samsung HT-EM35
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I need to Program a RC-65R to an Insignia NS-LCD32
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Ok I am working on my parents house Direct tv set up. They have a Genie HD receiver HR34-700. And a Samsung smart tv with RVU ability. The Genie/Receiver is in the upstairs living room with its…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
I need to connect a genie mini to an old tv that only has a coax cable input.  Will my VCR double as an RF modulator?
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
How do I use GenieGO on my rooted tablet?   Since when is Directv the Android police?
When I try to watch a DVR program I get "program not available at this time". I can watch tv or movies but not recorded programs.
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
It keeps saying "There was a problem setting your remote to work with your receiver.  Select Try Again to repeat steps.  If the problem persists; your remote may not be RF compatible.  You can also…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
When I select a program that supports starting at the beginning when program is already in progress, I receive a message that DirectV is not available, try again later.  How do I correct that?
I purchased a Vizio soundbar (Model S3821w-CO) for my TV. Got it hooked up and it works fine w/ the Vizio remote. Have been unable to program it to the DirecTV remote. That model # shows up on the…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I have a hr-44 200 receiver that will not make an internet connection. After trying both connecting options, I get result code 86-379. I have a linksys router that works fine for all other wireless…
I don't know if this is possible or not. Could DTV add the option to create folders so my family could record their shows into their own folder instead of one large list of recordings? We just…
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