Have several non-hd tv's, want to convert to genie wireless
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
I tried to self install with my ATT Arris NVG router and failed.  After consulting tech support, Directv sent out a tech, who announced that he knew nothing about Genie Go.  Then they sent another…
I currently have the Genie to where you can record 5 channels at once.  In the past couple of wks I have noticed that it has only been recording 3 programs not 5 and I am missing some shows.  Finally…
Hello,   I recently updated my iphone6 to the new IOS9 software and apparently this causes an issue with the GenieGo app.   When I open the app and play my content, the player has shifted down to…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
Hi, Everyone.   I have a question about splitting coax in my attic to run another DTV signal to another room.   I currently have 2 DTV DVR's and have a line to my computer.   Downstairs living…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I own a building. A renter signed a DirecTV contract, which included installing a dish.   The renter did NOT have my approval to install a dish, neither written nor verbal.   I contend that DirecTV…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have a HR34 receiver.  I would like to know how I could connect my OTA antenna directly to my receiver so that I can record my local channels and not have to pay for out of the area local…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have an older Sony analog Tritron tv and a Directv Standard R16/300 receiver,slimline-3S (SWM) and I am going to purchase a non-smart LED tv. Do I need a Directv installer to get a HD DVR (HR-24)?
in Standard Definition DVR
I noticed drastic reduction in the speed of my WiFi after the installation of  Genie Whole Home System HR44 and mini client I use to get 25 Mbps or so now only around 11mbps.  My router is located…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I just purchased a Samsung TV with the built in RVU capability for DirectTV viewing (UN32H5500AFXZA). I was able to get it networked and set up correctly and as expected got it to the screen where it…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Had the Genie 3-4 months.  As summer arrived, we started having trouble with recording.  I will do my best to explain the problem clearly. First, the problem seems to occur after a significant…
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