Does DirecTV have remote code for Olevia TV, Model 227S11, that works?? One of the codes works on Volume, but Not on Power On/Off Prizm, Dish, Cox remotes work OK.
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I have the HR44 trying to get the RC71 remote to work with my samsung plasma tv. I've tried everything i've read online, even tried programing it in IR mode and still nothing...... Any ideas???
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I had to replace our remote and now my receiver has decided it isn't going to respond to any remote; not even the universal we've been using with it. I can only get it to work by using the buttons on…
I just recently noticed that my Genie HD DVR receiver is no longer responding to the exit button from the remote when attempting to leave any menu, guide or list. I use a Harmony 900 Universal remote…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I move my Genie HR44 and Mini C41W in same room for football on Sundays. Both RC71 remotes change both receivers. Can they be controlled independently?  Also have an RC64 remote from old dvr. Today…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I'm considering upgrading service when we move, but had some questions about the whole home setup.  My home is generally wired for gigabit throughout but there are two locations where I would want…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I have a Genie receiver as well as an HD DVR receiver.  I am considering disconnecting my land line and need to know if this will cause any unpleasant  issues with my DirecTV service.  I do have a…
in Installers
Radeon 4850 HD GPU, maxed out RAM, 2 internal HDs and I just bought a 2 TB HDD as a third HD just for recording TV after they installed DTV.    1. Would the Hauppage unit listed above at least let…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
My app use to work fine until a couple weeks ago.  Now when I try and record a show it says "Confirmation: Fail".  My receiver is showing up like it use to so not sure what the issue is.  My iPhone…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
We have recently sold our primary residence, and moved in with our son while building a new home. My son has Directv but has a SWM8 switch, he has a Genie, a older DVR and a mini genie. I have a…
How can I directly determine the capacity of the internal hard drive on my new Genie HR44NC-500?   When I signed up for service, I was told it would be 1 TB. The installer told me it was actually 2…
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