I ahve refused to mupdte my iupad to ios 8.0 8.1 8.2 or the bets 8.3. There are 700,000 posts in apple forum thread wifired battery drain (Apples biggest thread ever). Problem is almost all ipoads…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
I have the RC65RX remomte.  I have a bose sound bar connected to the TV.  How can I program the remote control volume button to control the sound bar volume without having to switch modes each time I…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Hello,   I had the Whole Home DVR system installed about 6 months ago. I noticed that when I am watching a recorded program on my H24's there is a 2-3 second delay when I attempt to fast forward.…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
DirecTV has to get their heads out of their buts (yes I know) when they release their apps, they always have problems. I tried to upgrade, then it gave me a message saying I didn't have IOS8 but I…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
Getting this same adventure on 3 HR24-500s I have. HR24-200 and Genie HR34 all working fine. Guide takes literally minutes to load. Change channel can sometimes take many, many seconds. It is so…
I can't seem to get my remote programmed to my receiver.  I have tried both of the htr5440 settings and the one that says I don't know my model and it tries for about five seconds and then says there…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Why doesn't my new Genie RC72 change channels?  It turns the TV ON and OFF, but it is stuck on one channel.
I have a RC65X remote, it won't change channels or volume nor bring any of the Directv menus up including guide. When I press a button on the remote such as volume I get a dialog box saying " TV keys…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Hello,   I don't know if this matters, but just in case, I'm on my desktop, running Win7 Home Premium, 64-bit Operating System, running I.E.9.   I just recently started watching free shows online,…
in DIRECTV On Demand
We have just received a new DVR, not the HD variety.. just the one that can record 2 shows at a time.  Our previous Tivo which died on us was attached to a Standard Definition TV and we are trying to…
in High Definition Television (HDTV)
There was a software upgrade last night, 0x99c, and now Pandora and Youtube are gone.  Any clues?  All other On Demand is working and downloading fine.  When I go to "Extras", both are gone.
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