I got a Genie a couple of months ago, and everything's been great. But three days ago, 3 channels just stopped working, 287-AHC, 389-PBS and 538-EWST. Nothing else has been affected.
I have had an HR34 for 18 months and from the beginning I've complained to DTV about slow menus, occasional 15-20 second delays on channel changes, terrible responsiveness on ff/rew/play/pause…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
Is there a difference between using a Genie mini vs HR24 DVR?   We are probably going to upgrade to Genie and keep the HR24 and I'm trying to decide where to use each.       We've noticed that when…
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I am unable to block "only" adults channels (Playboy). Everytime i do so, so does the movie channels like HBO, STARZ, etc. Issue has already been reported to Tech Support and after almost an hour of…
I would appreciate any assistance with the remote codes for a Sanyo PDP-42H1A plasma TV. It's an oldie but goodie that just won't die. Thanks Much in advance. CJP
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I have a slimline dish with a SL3 LNB, I can get signals in the mid to upper 90s on 101 and 103 ca and cb, but I cannot get a signal on 99.   Any suggestions on how to adjust to get 99?
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Please document your personal experiences with the HR44/HR34 here.  This should act as a point of reference that DTV customers can use to confront the DTV CSRs when trying to upgrade from the HR34 to…
When I first got service I could "watch now" with on demand. The last few days the service seems slow. Taking hours to download things and I can't watch now without buffering. Internet is Verizon…
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I have a swim line satellite set up below with an H25 receiver but I am not able to connect to both tuners. I can't get all of the channels because of this. I get ESPN2 but not ESPN....Am I missing…
Hi I need some help with my remotes. I have two direct tv boxes few feet apart in my entertainment center. One is Genie DVR and other is mini genie. One is used for watching tv in house other one…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I just hooked up with DTV and got a genie, no minis, only have 1 TV. I know, WHAT? I'm more than happy with 1 TV. Anyway, I've never had a DVR before either. When I go to record shows (Mostly Starz…
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