I keep adding my cities and deleting El Segundo, CA, but El Segundo, CA keeps coming back and my cities keep disappearing. This is really annoying.
Hello -   I upgraded to the HR44/700 receiver recently, and reconnected everything as it was with the old receiver. At first, I was able to play shows from my external HD, but I'm now getting the…
When I am using PIP with my Genie is there a way swap pictures (smaller picture becomes the larger picture and vis vera).  Also, is there a way to swap just the audio such that I am listening to the…
Installer came today to upgrade me to HR44/700 and Genie Mini. Got everything set up, including Genie to Go. Tested the Genie to Go. It worked, no problem. Tested the whole home setup. No problem.…
I'm trying to watch the first episodes of Gracepoint and thedirectv site says that the first episodes are ony available to watch on computer. What's going on ?
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Hello, I attempted the procedure in my setting section of the Directv remote setup by plugging in my TV model number and by just saying Samsung. They don't seem to be talking since the latter timed…
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We RV often and have always brought our Directv with us.  Our portable dish is the old round one that we used before we changed our home receivers to HD. Can we use an HD receiver with the old round…
I have a new LG 55EC9300 (amazing OLED picture BTW) and would like to add codes to both my Genie remote and the usual (bigger) DirecTV remote.   Does anybody know the codes to use?  The Genie Remote…
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MY HR24-100 turns itself and my tv on. It also will go to guide while watching tv, go to My Directv and even record shows not being watched or set to record.  can anyone help me out?
fresh batteries and an ir repeater is not flashing either so i don't think there remote is transmitting   if i hold down a button till i see the blue flash it can take a min or more for each button…
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Which universal remote works best with DirectTV?  I don't like a zillion remotes in my de.
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