If I bought and own my own dish, what type of paint can I use to repaint it?  Must it be a flat paint or can I use any type of paint?
@ Genie receiver hard drive went bad after 2 and a half months and now I had to PAY to have it replaced! WHAT A JOKE!
Remote code for Visio TV?  That brand is not listed in the menu.
Why does the HR-31-700 clients freeze the screen, display the message "connecting" and then return to the last channel?  This is a new problem after 20 months.  
I have a Genie DVR with a RC72 remote and a Mitsubishi TV model WS-311.  When I hit the Off Button it turns off the receiver and the TV, but the TV comes right back on.  The receiver remains off.  The Off Button seems to just turn the TV off and right Back On.  If I hit the button a second time the TV goes off and stays off.  I am hoping to resolve this bounce problem.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am so sick and tired of trying to watch on demand and having the hr44 box kick us out and forcing us to restart from the beginning.  Even bought a fancy new router to stop the problem. It didn't help.  Can't watch a movie, been this way for a year.  So frustrating. Any advice?

Any idea when new customer activation will be back online?  This certainly isn't a great first impression.
Does anyone have a working Geniego?
So far system working good. How do I access NFL ticket?
Am I the only one who doesn't like the Cover Art descriptions in the On Demand channels? You only get partial titles and by going to Info, even with high speed internet connection, it takes about 30-40 seconds to go back and forth. Very annoying and time consuming. I suggest going back to the single line names with the MOVIE RATING next to it.
HD receiver keeps running a self check, does not find a signal, then starts the cycle over again.
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