Called DirectTV and asked if they would fix the problem of Hr44 dropping Wifi. They said no. Receiver is designed to work on wifi. Guess I will have to fix myself with a new modem or ethernet cable. Thanks for your help.

How do I set up internet access after replacing my wireless modem and internet provider on the HD DVR?

enjoying the upscaling on an LG 55ub5200. it will be interesting to see how long it takes dtv to come out with hi performance hi def recievers
I need to be able to delete programs from my HR-44 when I am away from home.  I can record programs on my DVR back home from anywhere in the world - and watch them with GenieGo - but I don't find a way to erase them when I have viewed them.  After a few months away my DVR will be overflowing.  Is there a way to erase remotely ????
I'm still waiting for DirecTV to fix the issue of CallerID on the new Genie system.  From all the conversation it seems apparent they don't know how.

Can not watch dirt TV on my iPhone or tablet. Says invalid when I enter up address for my receiver.


I am trying to download a couple movies from my Genie DVR onto my computer. I have installed Direct TV Player, but I can't figure out how to get the movies.
If I bought and own my own dish, what type of paint can I use to repaint it?  Must it be a flat paint or can I use any type of paint?
@ Genie receiver hard drive went bad after 2 and a half months and now I had to PAY to have it replaced! WHAT A JOKE!
Remote code for Visio TV?  That brand is not listed in the menu.
Why does the HR-31-700 clients freeze the screen, display the message "connecting" and then return to the last channel?  This is a new problem after 20 months.  
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