Does anyone know if Genie DVR is being updated to a new series.  I have had my Genie for approx 2-3 yrs and was just wondering if I should call DirectTV and request newer version of Genie if available.  Thanks
Tomorow morning I am going to try and call in to cancel these packages, since the 3 month free trial is over.  Please note my account that I have been attempting to discontinue these packages for two days now. Account#  59120534 Samuel Ward.
When the Genie is connected to the HDMI socket the corresponding socket behind the TV has the power & signal lights illuminated, but the TV does not recognize the signal. If the Genie is connected direct to the TV everything works fine, but we have a HDMI cable running across the room - does anyone have any suggestions why the TV would not recognize the Genie signal coming from the HDMI socket? 
I am not able to post on the technical forum.  Every time I try to post I get a message "We're sorry. Your message could not be posted" I am getting frustrated because I tried chat and they supposedly created a tcket and I also spoke to tech support and they supposedly created a ticket but it has been more than a week and still have same problem.
Genie HR44 DVR status bar issues
How about moving "CC" over where "Last 4" is?  I need CC and it's always 5 clicks to get it on/off. It seems to me to be more commonly used than "Last 4".  No big deal...but it would be more convenient.
What earthly sense does it make to demand logged in customers to create a new log in for forums and still create a lengthy series of ridiculous hoops to jump to thru just so they can attempt to answer to problems with YOUR system here rather than waste time, patience and brain cells dealing with phone reps? 
It's sad that a company can get so big and rake in tons of money to the point where they don't care about fixing the issues their customers are having.
Sick of this screen saver coming on at random times every night after no particular amount of inactivity.

Well , here it goes again. I have Direct TV, Sunday ticket max, Sprint unlimited streaming,Samsung SGS6 phone, watch espn app and I can't get monday night football. Of course I can't get Sunday night or Thursday night football either. I work from 4:15pm till 12:45am in maintenance, so I could catch up on the games now and then in between calls, if I cold get streaming to work.  I have called for help to DTV before I go to work several times, including today and no one can help me? I'm told to call back when it is not working and I am at work. Yea like I have time and DTV will keepp a call log open whilst I am working? Either you can help me or you can't, but after several calls and several emails, your non answers are getting old. Either it works with your company or it doesn't and if it does then can someone who knows how help me, without telling me it should work call back when it fails. It fails Now. Can you help please?


How can I watch recorded programs on my home Windows 10 computer?  I used Directv2PC with Windows 7 but it doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.  I have GenieGo but it's limited to 5 devices and I used them all up on phones, tablets and netbook computers.
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