new to both DirecTV and Hughes. My problem is that the Genie does not see internet from Hughes router (HT1100). Genie see my in house WiFi but does not accept password.

40 of my recorded movies have disappeared from my Playlist and I did not delete them. They disappeared all at once yesterday and I wasn't even home all day. They were all there the night before! What happened? How can I fix it and make sure it don't happen again? I also have a movie in list that I  didn't set to record????!? Has someone hacked  me is it possible? Please help I called twice they don't seem to know what's happening. I reset my dvr still no change. ..

I have standard definition antenna and cable boxes.  I am not able to get local stations in the northeast. I am being told I need high definition equipment to receive local stations in the Boston and Maine markets.

is this true?  If so, do I need both and HD antenna and HD cable box?  Thanks. 
I need the remote codes for a Phillips TV.
How do you look at your account and find all the post you have made?
My swm box is putting out 28.5 dc volts on one side and nothing on the other.  I am getting a signal 775....is this the problem?
Surface Pro:  Really disappointed that this device is not supported.  To the point that I may change providers.  The excuse that it is not a popular device does not hold water.
Music and photos function does still not work.  The icon does not appear on my Genie DVR.
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about 2 months ago after a storm, I was only getting some of the channels.  Got on here and someone suggested re-aiming.  I did nothing, and after the next storm, everything started working normally, so I did nothing. Tonight, no storm, but only 1 tuner.  Tried new lnb, no signal at all.  Old lnb, no signal at all. I didn't change the aim.  What the heck?
When running the test, I get this code: 43-44-46-76-702  What does that mean?
I am going to be away from home for several weeks. I want my DVR to record, but I also want to unplg my TV. Will the DVR still record?
Can I save any DirecTV content to my portable device to watch later?
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