peds48 posted 2 years ago
Freeview: HBO and Cinemax April 4-7 2014



  • drorb

    drorb 2 years ago

    I'm often disappointed during these freeviews.  It doesn't seem that the rules are the same.  I'd like to know if 1) Can I set up the DVR to record a freeview-period program even though this action is taken before the channel is freeview? 2) After the freeview period, can I watch a program I recorded during the freeview period? 3) Can I use the freeview channel's VOD?
  • peds48

    peds48 2 years ago

    I am not sure recording before freeview, but you wont get VOD during freeview 
  • dcd

    dcd 2 years ago

    The freeview is intended to give the viewer a taste, not supply the potential customer with a months supply of recorded viewing.
  • drorb

    drorb 2 years ago

    DCD- That's fine.  I'd just like to see it spelled out since that's NOT always the case. YMMV.