I have a clinic with 20 d12 receiver. They are on TV sets and they are close to each other. I need to code every other remote dif so that one patient doesnt change the ch on the next patients…
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I have 2 standard and 1 DVR receiver. But on 1 of the standard receivers it has missing channels and only the even number transponders r getting signal. I have tryed resetting the receiver, checking…
I have slimline dish, a swm SL3S LNB, a Directv 8-way Wide Band splitter, and a swm-16 multiswitch. I also have a R16-dvr receiver, a HR24 receiver and a HR34 Genie for a total of 9 tuners. Can I…
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A windstorm dropped a 70 ft tree near my dish. Broke off right sky facing end of the LNB apparatus and slightly bent the dish itself. I pounded out the dent and realigned the dish. Also cut off the…
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Have performed the search and have found no definitive answers.   Is there a printable channel line up available in numerical order?
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Is this some top secret device that will put DIRECTV out of business or what???? I would like to find out how this affects (or not) my network. Where do I find the DIAGNOSTIC CODES & their meanings.…
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