• Slimline dish installation on chimney

    I'm upgrading my DirecTV to hi-def and I am thinking of mounting the dish onto by brick and mortar chimney.  The chimney is for a propane stove and is not wood burning. Anything that I should be concerned with i...
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  • High def satellite

    Two years ago I tried to have a hd receiver installed and was told that I had to many trees. That there were three satelittes I needed to see and I can only see the one to the south. Is this still the case?  ...
    created by kbully
  • (BBC) Module for Ka-Lo band up conversion

    I've been having a problem with my system whereas the picture will go away completely to a blank screen, but I still am receiving audio through my AV Receiver. It appears that I have determined that there is a "short...
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  • Baltimore Local HD Channels REALLY BAD now

    We were trying to watch CSI in HD on WJZ in Baltimore just now. when it came on it was locked in that nasty buzzing sound, so we had to put it on SD to watch it. Direct TV has to fix this, or else. it's getting old no...
    created by mrlogs