I've forgotten the codes to program one remote to multiple receivers.  (IE a bar with a receiver at each end and they want to use one remote to control both).  Any help? Thanks
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
I am just in the planning stage right now, but obviously have a challenge on how to manage each of the devices independently, and would ideally have a single remote. Any suggestions on how to set…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
Why did Genie DVR Cutoff FX The Americans last night and how can this be prevented in the future?
From scanning the threads, I gather that the HR44 and AM21 used to scan the local airwaves for channels and program them in the OTA tuner, but that functionality was disabled because they couldn't…
I just upgraded my home DVR from to a Genie system, we had two TV's one a DVR and one just an HD receiver. The HD receiver had auto tune on it which was a great feature for watching TV. I have found…
in DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service
I am VERY confused after talking to DirecTV tech support. We recently upgraded to a DVR which works fine. We have an older house with a coax cable running to another room (kitchen) so that the TV in…
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
We built a new house and am considering switching back to DirecTV. If we do, can I specify the installer mount the dish on the roof on the back of the house? (2 stories above concrete pad.)
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
Recently upgraded to genie and 3 mini's. Since the install several channel  now have vertical bars running across the top and bottom of picture and the picture is poor. Also on other channels the…
The alternate tuner will all of a sudden go to channel 9981 and state it is recording. I have to stop the recording which it really isn't doing and put it back on a channel I want on there. I have…
Hello,   I am planning to add another TV with Genie, but I want to use the RF remote so I can keep the receiver in a cabinet separated from the TV.  I  understand that I will need to run an HDMI…
in DIRECTV Remote Controls
i have a tv in my sons room that i would i like to split to the garage.  what i did was... place a splitter between his wall jack and the main splitter for the rest of the tvs (all in the attic). …
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