I live in Grand Junction, CO and Directv doesn't provide locals.  I use AM21 tuner and roof antenna to get my local channels.  One of my local channels KJCT went through a digital transition in…
Does anyone have experience with the am21 off air tuner in the Houston area?  I live in Katy and my inquiry is to whether KHOU (11.x) or KTRK (13.x) are received with this antenna.
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Is it possible to program a RC65RX remote to control an HR24 on RF on the D* mode and then program it to control an HR44 on IR on one of the AV modes?
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I got the AM21 to pick up "almost" all the stations I can get by using a primary and secondary zip code, but I'm still missing a few.  I live in the Cincinnati Ohio area (45212 is one of the zip…
HR54 2terebyte HD-DVR. Built in video bridge.  Updated processor. This all know so far.