When the DogTV channel was introduced, I thought it was a great idea.  I always leave the TV on for my dog when I am out of the house. Of course, when I get home and there is no sound coming out of…
I am confused by what is going on and by what I am being told by DTV...  In my house I have regular 2 HD receivers and 3 HD DVR's all connected to the same antenna system through a Zinwell 6 x 8…
I have a Genie HD DVR and a mini, 2 room setup.  I've noticed over the past few months the ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX channels will just go out.  It isn't a gray screen it is acting like we don't…
Trying to figure what is going on .When i turn the receiver on the blue in the middle spins but directive does not come on.Any suggestions
FACTs: Location: Louisville, KY Equipment:   DirectTV Receiver - HR24-500   AV Receiver - Pioneer VSX-1023-K 7.1-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver   TV - Toshiba 65" DLP (Model # escapes me)  …
I have downloaded multiple On Demand shows.  When I go to watch them, the audio will play but the picture freezes on whatever channel was on before I went to On Demand. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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I'm considering upgrading my Directv equipment and service but I'm really concern with "sharing" DVR with entire family, as you do with the Genie.   Currently I have...   HR20-100 HR20-700…
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Yes the HR20s are whole home capable. Yes with whole home you can watch programs you have recorded on any HD capable box. Yes they can get on demand content Yes the advanced receiver charge of…
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I recently got the h24/200 hd receiver and not long after got the Samsung 32" smart tv UN32F5500AFXZ. today all of a sudden when I first turn on the tv not long after it changes input from hdmi to…
Weaknees blog says they are selling them and the WVB.
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