I heard from a DirecTv technician that Genie Mini C41-100 can be hooked up wireless now.  This will be very helpful because my picture freezes often and I was told because my house has copper cable. …
I have recently tried to transport an H25 receiver to my fish house a couple hours north of my home. I have a spare dish and I was told that this receiver would be able to run independently from my…
Hello,   I am a new subscriber, 3 months since new install. I have the Genie HR44-500, and 3 Genie Mini C41-100.   The problem I am having has only been happening for the last month. The Genie mini…
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Do I need any other connections to connect a standard DirecTV receiver, other than the coax cable, to my Samsung Smart TV?
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I'm contemplating an upgrade of my current DVR to a Genie with 2 clients, no internet or other wacky stuff.  I'm currently wired thusly: Dish --> DVR --> TV   How would a Genie installation run? …
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I have had my Craig tv for almost one and a half years.  I bought it new, and to this day neither of the whoppong two codes will work to program my remote control to it.  I am sick and tired of using…
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I have a genie HR34-700 box, an RF remote model # RC66RBX and just bought my husband a Samsung sound bar model # HWFM45. Can anyone tell me how I can program the directv remote to 1) control the…
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I have an H24-100 that is not responding to the remote anymore. The remote still functions the TV and Surround Sound Receiver and the signal indicator lights up when in #1 position for the receiver.…
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My house is 7 years old. I have standard service now and was told if I were to get hd service I would need new wiring. Is that a true statement?  Thank you for your input.
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Hi, I an getting this error code. I have done everything that it asks me to do. I even did a system test and get diagnostic code 41049. can anyone help. Thanks
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Ok, so, I'm buying my wife for Christmas, a new HDTV, on Black Friday. What I know is that I, qualify, for a free upgrade to a HD DVR, from the SD DVR, which we have now, on a Sony, non- HDTV.  So,…
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