If I bought and own my own dish, what type of paint can I use to repaint it?  Must it be a flat paint or can I use any type of paint?

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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this annoyance, but my DVR seems to record the wrong episodes of the series' that I have scheduled.  It started a few weeks ago when the DVR decided to record…
I presently have an 18" dish with a dual output LNB. I just obtained a slimline dish with a SWM 5 LNB. What other items do I need in order to hook it up to 3 recievers. From what I have seen, I…
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Any body help?
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Can the small Genie receivers (whole home client) be used with an Apple Thunderbolt display?   I'm guessing not, unless I've missed something obvious.   I've hooked the DirecTV receiver to my Apple…
I have a insignia tve (32 lcd) & a sony dvd/cd player. How do I connect to watch movies? When I connect it, the remote just stays on AV, can't move it down to dvd. What am I'm doing wrong. Daughter…
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Most of the SD channels with my H25 HD receiver look so bad, like '80s VHS tapes, ghost around faces and logos. But when I go to guide, the small screen that shows the current channel looks…
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5 years ago I had SD Directv.  I wanted to upgrade to HD but the elevation to the HD satelite was so low (20-30degrees) that far too many trees would interfere with the signal.  I then moved to…
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Genie has a diagnostics code: 14-097 and won't reboot.  Is there a fix?
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