Looking for the HDMI version for theater component compatibility.  None of the H25 docs that I've seen nor phone tech support had any information. Anybody here have the version number?   Thanks  …
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It lasts for a few minutes to a few hours, but always in the 2:15-2:30 time frame.  3 Local channels go out as well as the History channel and a few other minor channels.  The weather does not…
I am experiencing problems streaming programming with my DirecTV receivers (HR-24 and HR-22).  When trying to watch a streaming a message is received stating that the internet connection speed is too…
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Having just switched over from Comcast I was pleased to see that Directv had many more premium channels available in HD, incuding On-Demand. On the other hand it was sad to find that, unlike Comcast,…
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I had a receiver hooked up last year in my basement but I called the direct tv technician and them hook up another line and move my box upstairs,I was wondering if I could take my dvd receiver and…
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Appreciate any response on these. 1. Are DirectTV satrellite dishes only receiving signals or do they transmit them as well? I would be concerend with transmitting RF or other electrical signals.…
Can i watch show from channels i dont hve on my program package on Demad? for instant, i dont have AMC on my current program, can i still watch show from AMC on demand?
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I have a HR44 Genie receiver and 3 mini genies.  My main genie is hooked up to my internet using a wireless signal.  Is there an advantage to connecting my genie and router with an ethernet cable? …
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We are converting over to the Genie and the tech that showed up said he couldn't do the work because it was raining and all the RG6 drops in my home needed to be replaced because they were not 3ghz.…
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4 SCC RG6 cables from dish to SWM16 = 50 feet; 2 SCC RG6 cables to 4-way splitters = 50 feet; one CCS RG6 cable from splitter to Genie = 50 feet; one CCS RG6 cable to 2-tuner DVR = 100'; 1 CCS cable…
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