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With our old router, Genie Go's access to HR24 was spotty, but since installing a new Netgear router, Genie Go does not find the HR24 at all.    We have one HR44, a Genie Mini, and the HR24-100.  …
Ok, anybody who is familiar with direct TV, and pandora, please help!    ATT uverse guy came and changed our router. Pandora now is broken on my genie "mini" but it works fine on the main genie…
Recently upgraded my reciever to HR24/500 and cannot record more than one program or when ordering PPV will not transfer to other TV's  Did I order the wrong upgrade?
I have a limited capacity internet connection (30GB per month). I want to readily be able to enable and disable on demand, watch from beginning, and any other internet hog capabilities.
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What are the limits of the HR 34, HR 24, HR22 and GenieGo ? ? I'm looking to up the capacity on all of my boxes. Will 4Tb drives work ?
When connecting the Deca unit to my router,  it kills my internet connection at the modem.  If I disconnect the Deca, the internet comes back instantly.  Hooking it up via ethernet to a wireless…
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My samsungTV loses the signal to the mini genie when you change channels but the signal is back within 5 seconds and the new channel is displayed. Is there any way to fix this?
Considering upgrading, just had my HR21 replaced with a hr24 (prot plan) and the DirecTV tech told me that the new Genies being installed are the HR 54...is there any validity to this additional…
BillyBob Benton
Come on DIRECTV.  It's been two weeks now without channel 8 programming.  My 2 year contract is up, and so is yours if you don't stop your petty retransmission negotiations with CBS.  Just because…
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I have a Genie small box that will not respond at all.  I have to turn it on physically, that works; however, it does not have the capability to change the channel, go to list or to guide.  I called…
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