MY tv, the LG 65LA9700 4k 3d TV has HDCP 2.2 HDMI 2.0 4K@60ffps and high efficiency video codec (HEVC) also known as H.265 so when will DTV come out with a STB that supports the new and comfirmed…
How can i control the volume of my sony HT-CT60BT sound bar with my directv  RC -71 remote?
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I have a Vizio S3821wco sound bar and the rc71 remote. Also a Samsung Smart tv if thats relevant. I programmed the remote to control the sound bar months ago and it worked just fine. Pushing the…
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Can anyone give me any advice on who to hire to get my port forwarding working so I can use the GenieGo when we travel.  DirecTV can't help me and Windstream won't help me.  I followed all directions for setting it up but it doesn't work.  Any advise would be helpful.  I live in Nicholson, GA
I have a HR-23-700 and it is hook up too  a cradlepoint MBR95. I am getting a n/a 818 on my stb services port. But it says I have internet and network, but I do not.
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Why do I keep getting emails that tell me to update my status?

Another baseball season without the Dodgers on DirecTV. They are no longer the leader in sports programming in my book. 
I have a Genie Mini (Model: C41-500), a main Genie HD- DVR (Model: HR44-500), and an older HD-DVR (Model: HR24-500). This problem only occurs on the Genie Mini.   On the Playlist, and other menus,…
A week or so ago my RC71 remote stopped functioning in RF mode. If was fine at turnoff the night before, but when I turned on the system the next day the remote was non-functional. I have several…
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