I have a Genie hr44. It has 69% space free. Today I set it to record The PGA Championship on TNT. The guide listed this to run from 2pm until 8pm. The recording began normally. At 4:56pm the…
I've spent hours trying the start up and manual set up to use the Out of Home Access for my GenieGo. I've troubleshooted the issue with DirecTV and completed a ping test to check if the ports (8082,…
The forum for How to Videos, when you click on one of them, they say they are marked private.  What gives, not a good way to represent yourself DirectTV.
How can I check for installation cancellations in my area so that I can move up my install?
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I have almost everything turned off in preferences that could apply to this, yet I still receive DIRECTV Technical Forums Updates. How can I turn off these email notifications? I apologize for…
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How can I edit the channel line up on the Sports Mix channel? Thanks in advance for your help, Roger
in DIRECTV System Installation/Set-Up
I was recently married and need to update the last name on my account. I noticed that I can change the billing name, and update the address, but no where does it let me edit the last name of the…
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I set up GenieGo to download to my Windows 8.1 tablet yesterday, then found out I could NOT change the location of the download to D:\ driver (my SD drive with capacity).  I can use internal C:\…
Geniego was working on my Lenovo Yoga laptop with Windows 8.1 before. There was a client update that I had to download and now it cannot find the DVR and complete the last connection status. The…
I have recorded 2 programs (both were football games) and had a problem viewing them.   For example, I recorded the Super Bowl and then I tried playing it while the game was still playing but it was…
  Have a new Samsung 4k UHD HU8550 and Genie 44 with RVU. The picture stutters and audio cuts in and out. Lots of pixeling. The remote is very slow changing channels. DTV has had 5 different techs…
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