Is there any way to fix this? Going full screen cuts off a big chunk on the right and the bottom of the screen. Doesn't matter if I extend my browser to go all the way to the edges of the screen, the…
in DIRECTV Mobile Apps
If the sunday ticket app says it's already active, how can I disconnect it so i can watch it on another device?
I keep getting "Login error."  I know my username/password are correct, I triple checked both of them.   No success
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Why is it that almost every other television service provider offers Watchespn but directv does not?? The "world wide leader in sports" shouldn't be dropping the ball on offering this.  When I called…
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I'm in Madison, WI and we have not had local channels for 3 hours. Was just wondering if this was nationwide or just in my market.   someone else said he received a new box today and they were…
I was looking forward to Direct Tv but it appears that new customer activation is down.  This really isn't a great first impression.
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I used the Sunday Ticket website last year to watch games and could have up to 4 games going at once.   Did you change the Sunday Ticket computer website app this year to disallow 2 or 4 games at…
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So every year that i have used Sunday ticket you can do five users logged in at a time. With the announcements today on the new packages it states only one user can be logged in at a time.   Is this…
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All,   Forgive my asking (I have attempted to search the forums for this answer but no luck so far) but is there anyway to update my username? I simply wish to captilize the first A.
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25 million viewers watched the USA/Portugal match, and DirecTV is seemingly the only major provider that has no deal with ESPN to allow their subscribers to access the game today against Germany via…
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and there does not appear to be one. I see there is a place to discuss apps and another to discuss DVRs and PC links --- but no specific place to go when the problem is with the company.   I wonder…
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