Quick note for fans of The Daily Show. The show returns tonight with new host Trevor Noah. If you're recording the show you'll need to set a new series recording for "The Daily Show with Trevor…
There is another discussion with this title from 2011 but it seems to be closed.   I just wanted to warn people that this is still a problem occasionally and the solution in that discussion (reset…
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I've had this problem ever since my HR24 DVR had to be replaced.  Formerly, when I wanted to fast forward through recorded shows, I would press the button on the remote three times, the fast forward…
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BillyBob Benton
Come on DIRECTV.  It's been two weeks now without channel 8 programming.  My 2 year contract is up, and so is yours if you don't stop your petty retransmission negotiations with CBS.  Just because…
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I have a Genie hr44. It has 69% space free. Today I set it to record The PGA Championship on TNT. The guide listed this to run from 2pm until 8pm. The recording began normally. At 4:56pm the…
I've spent hours trying the start up and manual set up to use the Out of Home Access for my GenieGo. I've troubleshooted the issue with DirecTV and completed a ping test to check if the ports (8082,…
The forum for How to Videos, when you click on one of them, they say they are marked private.  What gives, not a good way to represent yourself DirectTV.
How can I check for installation cancellations in my area so that I can move up my install?
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