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UPDATE: How to add MRV if you're using your own networking (not DECA)


Thanks to Doug Brott at DBSTalk for clarifying these exact instructions to help you walk the CSR through the process of activating MRV on your account when you're using your own networking equipment.

NOTE: If you are ordering DECA/SWiM, DO NOT follow this procedure. Simply order DECA/SWiM and MRV will work out the way it's supposed to.

This procedure is for those folks who want to use their own home networking and continue to enjoy Multiroom viewing.

Call 1-800-531-5000

* Give Your Phone # when prompted

* At the main menu voice prompt say "Whole Home DVR Service"

At this point you should be connected to an agent

* Tell the agent that you have been participating in the 'Whole Home DVR Service beta' and you want to enable 'MRV-Capability' so that you can activate 'Whole Home DVR Service' on your account

* Ask the CSR to cancel (or do not enter) the Whole Home DVR upgrade screen

* Ask the CSR to enter 'Account Attributes' and choose 'Create New'. The only option here is 'MRV-Capability' and it should be set to 'u' (for unsupported) with mostly defaults. At this point, you have enabled the 'MRV' flag and you could (in theory) order from the web page. I saw it when viewing my account via the web.

* Once this has been set, the CSR will have to exit your account information and then reenter your account information screen so that the information refreshes.

* At this point, the CSR can now enable "Whole Home DVR Service"

If you can politely get the CSR to follow through this process I am confident that you will be set up for MRV. It took me 30 minutes working with the CSR to get to this point, but I would expect most any CSR to be able to work through this with you in less than 10 minutes. It's a pretty fast process if you know how to do it, so help the CSR out and you'll both be much happier. 

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