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Remote doesn't turn on or off TV


The codes only work for the volume for my old 32" CRT Samsung TV. When I called in Tech could not help. They said to call Samsung which I did. Samsung asked me the manufacturer of the HD DVR receiver. I gave them the model HD-20-700, but that did not help them. They said that once they had the manufacturer's name, they could help. I just don't know. 


Also, I have a Sherwood Newcastle R-765 Audio-Video Receiver that the remote does not seem to be able to work. Can you help me with that issue?



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    many top brands of tv don't have working commands mapped to the tv on & off keys, in those cases use the middle power key in the tv device for both on & off powering of tv. Its upto the code you use and model of tv if the TV ON & OFF  will work or not. No where is it promised that these keys work with every brand of tv out there, sorry.

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    I have a similar (ish) problem I have an old Philips TV. When I program the remote (for my whole home dvr), I have the slider switch at the top of the remote all the way to the left. I select the make of the TV, but the model is is not offered. I chooese one, it workd for volume/mute and power off, but it won't power it on. Any thoughts?





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    I have the same issue except I can do it but I have to use the slider in the tv position for the tv and Direct TV mode for the receiver. Brand new TV. I had to auto search for the code. Maybe there are more than one.

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    i have the same issue with my samsung. it was working before, but now, the power light just flickers on the tv when i hit the dual power button. it used to give one long solid blink, and then shut them both off/on.  what changed???