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HD Receiver keeps freezing up


 My receiver was working fine this morning, kids were watching the flintstones on Boomerang. I changed the  channel over to my nfl sunday ticket channels to watch pregame, and after a few seconds my receiver completely froze up. This is only happening to my main HD receiver. I can go to my bedroom and everything works fine. I've tried restarting the receiver and resetting the access card by removing the card and pressing the reset button. It makes the receiver come back on, but then it freezes up seconds later.


 Hmm new development while writing this, did the access card rest thing again and was typing this while restarting. My kid changed it to nick when it came back on, and no problems. If i turn it back on the nfl sunday ticket channels, it will freeze up again. How do i take care of this? Is this happening to everybody?