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Pandora and you tube missing


i do not have the option in my "Extra folder for the "Pandora  or you tube 

i have a hr 24/200  dvr 

internet connect and whole house 

please help 

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    as of this date, I still see no Pandora on my Extras menu of my internet connected DVR.


    I emailed "help" to find out what the reason was, and they sent me a 4 paragraph scripted answer that basically said "call tech support" cause things are too complicated to for us to explain in email.


    guess I'll have to try that now - geez, and email was supposed to make things easier

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    It takes a software update to the HD guide which I just got last night. With that update the dvr also has an option to save power after 4 hrs of inactivity.

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    only with thefirmware (059b) you can havepandora,and is availablenowforonly: HR20-100, HR20-700, HR21-100,HR21-200, HR22-100, HR22-200. Will have to waitforthe other models.

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    thanks cp5574 for that response - more than I ever got from "tech support"


    since I have the hr24-500 model, that explains it

    I'm still peeved at not being told the complete details by DTV, and I miss my cable service where I was able to get TCM and BBCA in HD

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    I have the extra "extras" on my older receiver (had it for years, unable to get model number right now) but not on my brand new HR23/700???