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HR22-100 HD Receiver very slow


As requested I am starting a new thread

Up to a few weeks ago and after the big upgrade(way back) the receiver worked fine.

Recently however its become painfully slow in changing channels, deleted recorded shows, flipping back and fourth between recorded and live shows.

All around very slow and obviously not working correctly and very similar to the numerous posts that I have found on the forum.

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    for starters... 

    Clear NVRAM to speed up DVR performance:

    Go to channel 1. Once the page is operating including audio, use the remote and press Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Green in exactly that order. This must be done quickly. Otherwise the yellow press will bring up a quick options menu. That will display a message about the NVRAM being cleared in the lower left. Turn "Scrolling Effects" to off. This is in the Display-->Preferences menu. Uncheck all of the resolutions under HDTV in the TV Resolutions menu except 720p or 1080i and 1080p, depending on whether you have a 720/768 or 1080 TV or turn Native off. 

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    Did as you suggested, still very slow response time.


    Is there a next step?

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    sure, run this test to see if your hard drive is failing.....


    Run the Built in Self-test (BIST) to try and repair your hard drive. To run the hard drive checks, please follow these steps:


    * Reboot DVR via red button inside card door.

    * When you see "Running receiver self-check" press select

    * You will see "Entering Diagnostics Mode..."

    * Select Advanced Tests Menu -> Hard Drive utilities -> Short Smart test


    You can also run the file test, and the DVR can sometimes repair a bad file report.

    * If the other tests pass, run the surface test.   Warning: This process could take several hours to complete. You may want to run it overnight.


    The good news is that every attempt is made to save programming. This is less destructive than a reformat all and could provide you with a more stable system if you are having problems that appear to be related to the hard drive.  

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      I know this is an old thread, but I'd like to ask peds48 a question, since this is happening to me.


      I tried clearing the NVRAM and it worked - for a day. I want to try the diagnostics, but I'd like to know when the self check prompt comes up? I get a blue screen with something like "Almost there, just a few seconds", then a black screen for 15 secs or so then another blue screen with another "almost there", then black screen for maybe 5 minutes, then the DTV logo with "checking sat info"...then "receiving satellite info", then the TV is back on.



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    I have the same issue. I've followed the steps you mentioned sent a report to DTV, no results. The claim Engineering is looking into it. A software update was suppose to be sent according to one rep. DTV will not address that issue when i ask them. This is coming from the Advocate Dept. This is been going on since 2/09/12. Who is over the Advocate Dept.? I need this issue resolvled. Depending on who you get a reply from they may or maynot admit there is a problem. Fuzzy communication from them. I need my issue resolved, don't know who to contact.

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    I have had these exact same symptoms for a while now on 3 different receivers and I'm ready to ditch DTV for something else.

    It is very frustrating trying to change channels, scroll through lists, etc and it having a horrible response time.

    I've tried all the things mentioned here but get minor short-term improvement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
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    Their service tech that came to our home yesterday said this is a system-wide occurrence with HD receivers...nothing to do with any DVR's.  He said the relay time with HD from satellite to receiver averages 6-8 seconds.  We never noticed how long it took until we switched to HD receivers.  It does take them longer to get the signals than those that aren't HD.