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RV Tracvision doesn't work with H24-700 Direct TV Receiver


I was upgraded last fall to the H24-700 receiver in my home and I take this unit on the road in my RV also, My Tracvision is a Model R5/SL in motion 2008 vintage (don't work sitting or in motion no signal) and it worked fine with my old receiver but with the new one I get a 771 message and will not display signal on TV screen during set up. I'm connected through HDMI cable to TV.

In reading some other threads it appears this may not be a compatible system with each other or is it a setup issue?


1. What do i set dish configuration to 18" round like before?


2. What is the correct multiswitch setting?


3. Do I use the B Band Converter Module to get this to work?


4. What are my options/models for purchasing a receiver that will work with the Tracvision system i already have?


Thank you for your support,