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    620 has one rugby match this weekend  Italy v  NZ    and its a replay. Called lisa but hang up after 15 min wait.   I guess its back to streaming again.

    Do you Kiwi  have a email address ?? for her.

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    620 only replay yeah,email to lisa,come on guys?will call this lisa person asap,let's get this going,i know directv do have rights,man they always show south africa new zealand and  australia cause they have rights to sanzar,let's go guys call the custormer service

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    What the use make a rugby channel and don't even show it,please

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    I called 1-800-442-1635 & spoke to Jessica after hanging up twice because I could not get thru' the voicemail system to cancell FoxSoccerPLus (not shoing the Northeren Tour & only 1 game p/week of regional Euro rugby!)!! What a frustrating experience!! After venting to Jessica whowas very patient, I told her I wanted to file a complaint that not one Customer Servive had offered me the Sports Pkg (with Ch: 620 who R showing delayed broadcast of the Northern Tour!) She offered me a free month's trial of the Sports pkg so rugby fans of USA keep fighting & we might get rugby all year around yet!!

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    Sweet kiwi,i have 620 beinHD   which is showing replay rugby,i just get off the phone with another custormer service and this guy don't even know anything,he said the last rugby end in oct,which i know its the tri nation,well they show allblacks vs wallabies after the tri nation,and the thing i don't understand the boks allblacks wallabies games was up on the guide last week and they took it down last min,man so mad i still think they do have the right to sanzar,ill keep calling them until i talk to someone that work in the sports department who know what is going on,come on guys,keep fighting

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    show the rugby directv

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    I went online & looked up President of DirecTV, was able 2 contact thru' that screen & sent email msg. Lisa called me back, talked & explained the misinformation we R getting!! She called me back about 4hrs later & told me DirecTV does not have the Rights 2 this tour!! Hopefully we will still receive rugby next year on 490-1 BUT Universal Sports has exclusive rights to World Cup Rugby 2015!! keep up the emails, ph calls, rugby fans. I think the upper echelon of DirecTV R listening now!!! When "streaming" takes

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    This is seriously disappointing.  It's such a struggle just to get rugby in the States.  I already write angry emails to BBC America about their sparse showing of 6 Nations ("Hey guys, I would like to see 6 Nations, not just England"), and Universal Sports for showing maybe a handful of World Cup games.  Now this.  And yeah, a lot of the tech support people there are hung out to dry with no information.  You can tell they have no instruction on how to handle this, and no one to escalate to.  It sox doing damage control for the people making bad decisions.  I tried recording one of the disappeared games like others on this thread but I just got 2 hours of logo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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    Im not giving hope yet,hope we woke up tomorrow check channel 490,its there,very sad about this

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    Matched scheduled to be played this weekend: All Times GMT


    Friday, 16 November 2012

    Wales v Samoa, 19:30

    Saturday, 17 November 2012


    Maori All Blacks vs RFU Championship XV, 12.00
    England v Australia, 14:30
    France v Argentina, 20:00
    Ireland A v Fiji, 17:30
    Italy v New Zealand All Blacks, 14:00
    Scotland v South Africa, 14:30

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    Watching the wal vs sam now on wigizig sam up 7 to 3 its 3pm atlanta time  plus they have chat rooms with people all around the world watching the game.

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    Ugh, BeIn Sport is airing Italy/New Zeland on a 36 hour tape delay. When will these networks learn that in this day and age with worldwide social media networks, live sports are NOT something people can wait over a day to see? Especially when it comes to Rugby where American fans are in a minority and likely go on message boards filled with users around the world who live in countries that get to see the games live.

    Universal Sports has the rights to the Team USA games in this tournament, they have yet to show a single game live. I don't even want to think about how bad they will do with the next world cup if they take a page from their parent company's Olympic coverage.

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    DirecTV game me beInSports free for a month so I am getting the delayed tapes!! will try streaming 2day from Wizwig. watched Argentina b. Wales and take nore . all USA rugby fans, DirecTV is advertising @ the game in Cardiff, Wales. Presumably they R advertising @ all the games SO why aren't they broadcasting them?????????

    Yes, I am getting the results of the rugby inadvertently on Facebook. Therefore we need these games LIVE!!! USA should not B running on delayed tapes (costs $12.99 4 Sports Pk 2 receive delayed games!!

    Universal Sports is showing only USA games, repeats the about 10 times!! If U?Sports can lv space 2 show 1 game over & over Y can't they show other games. U/Sports is free until Sunday!! Whoopee!! I wouldn't buy these programs as they DO NOT cover rugby, yet they have exclusive rights 2 the World Rugby Cup!! Hopefully, by 2015 we'll have this "streaming" done pat & we can bypass all thes stupid socalled Sports Channels.

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    kiwicarol , hope the wiziwig worked for you . i do find it streams a little slow at times on my computer ,got a better picture watching replays on bbc i player . managed to do this by following a link in wiziwig tech support to a site that helps you download a uk ip address , so that the bbc thinks you are in the uk . not too good with the technology , but apparently this can also work for asia and australia , where you can then buy setanta live coverage , and watch it in real time and good tv quality . 

    cmon the taffs tomorrow !


    watched the last world cup thru universal sports , hooked up computer  to tv screen , very happy with the results , just like proper tv .. you are in safe hands for that . shame they cant get the rest of the rugby coverage away from these imbeciles at directv .

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