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Direct TV HD DVR equipment, Wireless Connection via Wireless Adapter, External Hard Drive USB port connected



I am new to Direct TV.  Was 2 yr subscriber to DISH which at the moment appears to be much more technology advanced than Direct TV.  

Had the Multi Unit to record on 2 TV sets, which also I had a 500G LaCie Hrd Drive via USB port to my DISH recorder/receiver which showed up as 'My Media' to 'archive' recorded shows to the External Hard Drive.  Could then either delete shows, Restore shows, or Play the shows.  

Also had my own Wireless Adapter connection plugged into a heavy duty Equipment Power adapter to plug all equipment into, ie. tv, recorders, DVR, BluRay, Home Theater system, etc.  The Apple Wireless Adapter plugged into power strip powers my Apple TV, 1st & 2nd generation which also enables access to Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, etc.  I did not use the Sling Adapter of DISH to access VOD and other internet services.  I paid the one time fee to Activate the Internet service.


Now that I have the HD DVR installed with Advanced Service enabled, I asked installer and tech support if I can still 

1.  Hook up the External Hard Drive to the HD DVR via the USB port and watch recorded shows that I already have 2 yrs worth on this External hard drive as there is one whole season of a show I haven't watched yet.  I got all sorts of different answers depending on who talking to.  Everything from, you should be able to, or ck Direct TV site for list of 'compatible' hard drives, to no, to the 2 usb ports one in back one in front are for special tech support usage only, to should be no problem.  I found under 'settings' where it has 'external hard drive' and 3 items to either allow or block.  Hooked the External Drive up, turned it on, shut HDDVR down and started back up so it would 'find' the external hard drive......nothing.  Not even anywhere where it says 'my media' (what it would show up on DISH), nothing to indicate it found an external hard drive, or how to access it.

2.  Connected the Apple Wireless Portable Adapter (it's plugged in to power strip) via short cat 5 cable to back of HD DVR.  Found internet service quickly no problem.  Says it's Connected.  However, it doesn't find my Home Network so I'm not connected to my Home Network.  

I haven't unplugged the wireless adapter yet, which is what I would do with the DISH receiver so that may need to be done yet and then try again.

Was told though by Installer, with the Whole Home System, by connecting to the internet via the cat 5 cable, we won't be able to record on 2nd TV, or use the Whole Home feature as it is intended to be used which is what the DISH 1 Multi TV Receiver/Recorded did.    


Seriously wondering if we made a mistake trying out Direct TV.  They seem to be somewhat backward.


When installer came out, he came out with only the standard Cinema Connection Kit to be hardwired and wasn't happy when he saw our Apple Wirless Router / Century Link Modem was in another room.  I told him we were supposed to have gotten the Wireless Kit, but felt that the Wirless Adapter already plugged in should work and all Direct TV should be able to do is 'Activate' the Wireless Connection so it finds my Home Network.  They looked at me like a deer in the headlights.Something about some special 'coding' or 'decoding' or deca needed or something.......Was not a very pleasant day all the way around.


Now sitting here with Direct TV installed, external hard drive hooked up, my apple wireless connection adapter plugged in and connected to Direct TV HD DVR, internet connection to facebook, weather channel, etc., but no connection to my Home Network, and nothing to show access to my  External Hard Drive.Undecided


Any answers, help, assistance, advise.  Sorry this is long, but what worked well with DISH is not so simple with Direct TV.  changed over cause of some special features Direct TV was offering DISH didn't have.  So now have for 2 yrs, want to make the best of it for those 2 yrs.


Reading about 'Nomad"  What is Nomad, a device, an application, just exactly what is it and what is it's purpose?


now this is frustrating.....have to put in mobile device linked to Nomad when I don't have anything linked to anything of that nature at moment as I don't know anything about what a 'nomad' is.....I just want someone with some answers.....



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    I am confused. are you expecting the hard drive with Dish Network content and proprietary encoding to work with DirecTV's HDDVRs? or did I get it wrong.


    P.S  The only way to connect a hard drive to a DirecTV HDDVR is via e-SATA, NOT USB


    see the link for the Nomad



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    No obviously I should have stayed with DISH.


    LaCie 500 G External Hard Drive.  I used it with the DISH receiver/recorder when I was subscribed with DISH.  It connected via USB port, DISH had an area that said My Media which showed the External Hard Drive.  I 'Archived' tv shows from the DISH receiver/Recorder to the External Hard Drive.  I have 2 years worth of TV Shows on this External Hard Drive.  It's just a normal External Hard Drive with a USB connection that I used with the DISH Network system with NO problem.  Simple.


    It's my Hard Drive that I own, that I purchased and connected to the DISH Network Receiver to Archive, restore, play recordings from the DISH receiver when it was getting full.  Simple.


    Was told Direct TV Receiver/Recorder should recognize and be able to play what is on my External Hard Drive through the USB Port.  Obviously not.


    So, YES, I was expecting something pretty simple and normal for my purchased External Hard Drive to connect as well and as easily vis USB port to the Direct TV HD DVR receiver and be able to play what I have already sitting on that external hard drive without problem.  I don't understand what the Nomad is, have been reading about it, doesn't make any sense, especially when I saw that it only holds recordings for 30 days then dumps them. and read some people talking about 'hooking' 'connecting' external hard drives to it to transfer, record, archive whatever you want to call it, from the nomad to their own external hard drive.  Pretty complicated and not user friendly.  More hoops to jump thru than anyone needs to do.  So all my shows from my hard drive for 2 yrs are worthless now unless I can find a way to be able to view them from my laptop or desktop.  thnx

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    so I was right.  you want DirecTV to let you watch your shows that you made using Dish Network services on your DirecTV HDDVR.  It is not possible.  and to be fair, have you asked Dish if the opposite works??????   and on top of this, as I said, the only way to connect an external hard drive is via e-SATA.  DirecTV uses the USB port for the AM21 accessory OTA tuner and for diagnostics at DirecTV repair facilities.

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    sort of a ridiculous answer. He's not looking to playback shows form the hard drive INSIDE of the dish network equipment. If it was i might understand your sarcasm. But I think asking about an external hard drive makes sense. it shouldn't it matter how the shows were made if they exist as a standard/recognized playable format they should be accommodated.  


    regardless... i think its apparent now that dish network has superior equipment in the sense that it allows for the archiving and playback of shows and better home networking. It's good to know, especially because that's a desirable feature when setting up a home theatre or if you're someone that wants to stream shows from your existing cloud while traveling. 

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    Try taking a hard drive full of programming made on a Directv DVR to a Dish DVR and see what sort of success you are met with.  Silkie 24 made numerous errors attempting to connect his Whole Home setup using ideas he thought up.  Connecting the Ethernet cable disabled the Whole Home system, the USB port on the HD DVR is not designed for an external drive and lastly the format used by Directv and Dish is different and Directv encodes their recordings to match the DVR they are made on.


    Other than that, nice thread.