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NFL Sunday Ticket Max -- Short Cuts on PC


How do I access game Short Cuts using NFL Sunday Ticket Max on my PC?  And, when are they available?

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    I received this today (9/13/2012) in response:

    My name is David from DIRECTV Technical Support. I saw that no one had responded to your post in our technical forums that you made on 9/11/2012, so I wanted to provide you with an answer to your concerns regarding accessing Short Cuts with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX on your PC.

    Short Cuts are not available via online access. Short Cuts are available on channels 704-705 from midnight Sunday ET through midnight Tuesday ET. I hope that you are able to take advantage of this amazing feature, since Short Cuts is a great way to catch all the games you missed with each replay taking only 30 minutes or less.

    I hope that you find this information useful. DIRECTV strives to continue providing extensive and exclusive sports programming to make for an even better entertainment experience. Thank you for your support of DIRECTV and for visiting our website.


    David S (ID 419129)

    DIRECTV Resolution Specialist

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      David S,


      I also had the same issue.  I only had the issue because your web site actually says this is possible.  It is advertised that way at the following link:


      NFL SUNDAY TICKET - NFL Games on Mobile Devices - DIRECTV


      Scroll to the very bottom and read this excerpt:


      New! Short Cuts on any screen



      Relive all the action without the commercial interruptions. Now you can see Short Cuts—replays of entire games in 30 minutes—on your computer or mobile device.
      I would recommend that DIRECTV changes their advertising or makes this possible for us to watch on our PCs.  I would also like to know when it will be possible.

      Thank you.