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Reconnecting to wireless internet


I have a whole home DVR with a HR24/100 receiver.  I was connected just fine to my linksys wireless router after install.  But I changed the name of my network(SSID) the other day.  After doing it and seeing how my iPhone disconnected and I had to reconnect because it no longer recognized the network.  I realized my receiver might do the same.  It did and I can't seem to reconnect it, even after changing my SSID back to the original name.  I've gone to the connect now screen and tried the wireless setup.  It finds my network but won't seem to connect to it.  I've reset the receiver a couple times and reset the router.  Even though the router is fine as it's working fine for all of our other devices.  Do I need to do it on the manual setup screen where you enter the ip, default gateway, subnet mask, and DNS?  Speaking of which those used to all have numbers in them, now only the IP and Subnet Mask are filled in.  Do I have to buy that kit I saw in another post or get an installer back here?  Thanks.