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HD menu won't display on composite output


I am new to Direct TV. I have a HR24 HD DVR with the HDMI output going to my existing HDMI distribution system. I have the resolution of the DVR fixed to 1080i. I also have the composite output (RWY) connected to a RF modulator that supplies a coax distribution for a couple of SD TV's. Everything works great on both distribution systems unless I have a coax/sd TV on and I bring up a menu, then I immediately get a pop-up error message that states "Your TV or its cables are not HD!"  and then instructs that I need to set the DVR to 480p standard definition.


I have read thru the forums and understand the problem and I see the solution frequently to use a component to composite converter.


My question is - instead of using a component --> composite adapter and the existing composite --> coax RF modulator, if I just get a component --> coax RF modulator, will that accomplish the same thing? End of error pop ups?


And the only down side is I want to hook up a Slingbox or some other component device??


Thanks . . .