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"Unknown output connector [...]" on Windows 7 running on Bootcamp on HCDP-compliant MacBook Pro Retina


I'm getting this error whenever I try to play anything from my HD-DVR using DirecTV2PC:




"Unknown output connector. Supported connectors are: (1)DVI (2) HDMI (3)Japanese D terminal output (4)Component video (5)S video (6)Composite video (7)Analog RGB"



The DirecTV2PC Advisor app gives me green on my "Video Connection Type" of "Internal connection", so I don't understand what the problem is here.If an S video connection is secure enough then an internal inaccessible connection between my logic board and display assembly is certainly secure enough to add to the list of "supported" (read "allowed") connectors.



I'm using DirecTV2PC on an up-to-date copy of Windows 7 running natively on the Intel hardware (i.e. no virtualization) under Bootcamp on a new 2012 Apple MacBook Pro Retina and my receiver is an HR34/700 running software "0x5c2, Thu 9/27, 3:33p." This is all modern, mainstream hardware and software. 



I've been jumping through every hoop in the world to try to get this working, purchasing the high end DVR that supports PC playback, buying a copy of Windows 7 to use with Bootcamp since they so rudely won't support MacOS, and making sure that the the DirecTV2PC Playback Advisor showed all green, and yet I now run into this problem. Since this hardware is all HDCP compliant and meets all the specs for DirecTV2PC there's no reason for this not to work, especially since it's a model that hundreds of thousands of people will running Windows on and many of those trying to use it with their DirecTV service.