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Hello everybody I am a sub in central FLORIDA area. Recently I am getting those HR34 with C31 Client. Now my question is if I install  HMC server with 3 C31 client and phone line connected. how many phone line will it count. 1 or 4. Also can anybody give me complete list when phone line count and when doesn't count. Like former, upgrade with new IRD or swap replace. and also new install with BBD and phone line connected does phone line count. Thanks

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    C31s do not count for responders. An install with 1 HR34 and 3 C31s counts for 1 phone responder. An install with 1 HR34, 3 C31s, and 1 D12 counts for 2.


    At least with DirectSAT, phone responders only count on new installs and upgrades with receivers activated as part of the order.


    An order will only count for broadband or phone, but not both. If the callback is supposed to be broadband but responds as phone it negatively affects your broadband responder numbers and does not affect your phone responder numbers.


    Broadband responders count per order rather than per receiver.  If any 1 receiver calls back via broadband it counts positively for your numbers. C31s cannot callback with broadband either, but rely on the HR34 to do so.


    If the order has a closed point of sale DECA it counts for broadband.


    If the order has "Broadband Eligible" with category "Added" or "Deleted" and a closed broadband or wireless DECA, it counts for broadband.

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    It may also be beneficial to explain the Tech Connect program. My HSP refers to this as attach rate.


    Attach rate is the total number of orders with installed Broadband or WiFi DECAs with Broadband Eligible on the order over the total number of orders with Broadband Eligible.


    Broadband Eligible is added to orders that have an HD/DVR, do not have a point of sale Broadband DECA, and have not had a Broadband DECA previously installed.


    If the customer bought a Broadband or WiFi DECA from somewhere other than DirecTV it may still happen where there is Broadband Eligible on the order. What can be done in this situation is to add the Broadband DECA like normal, go into the line item, and change delivery method to "Customer Owned".


    New Installs and MRV Upgrades with Broadband Eligible are unlikely to have internet. The reason is those order types include a point of sale Broadband DECA as part of the deal. When there isn't a point of sale Broadband DECA it usually means the CSR confirmed with the customer that they do not have internet. Broadband Eligible gets added to these orders because they meet the qualifications. If you find these are the only types of orders that you get Broadband Eligible for you may wish to ask to be switched to service calls.