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Fast forward/reverse with Genie (HR34)


When you are fast forwarding past commercials and you see the program start and hit the play button it skips ahead a little bit instead of skipping backwards a few seconds. So then you have to reverse to get back to the start of the program and when you see the start and hit play it skips a little farther in reverse further into the commercials so you either have to sit and wait for it to get back to the program or
fast forward on 1 and hope you can hit the play button fast enough to not go past the beginning. This is different from older models such as the HR23 which always jumps back a little when you see the commercials are finally over and you hit the play button. I have rebooted several times with no change. The DTV person I spoke to on the phone was unaware or any issues. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a fix?
Receiver Model is HR34 not listed below to select