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TECH TIP – Software Download Guidelines


Note: As of March 14,  2013, the D12 receiver software update will no longer be online to download using the forced software download process.  Therefore, technicians should no longer force downloads on D12’s.


Rules for Forcing Downloads:

·        Software downloads are required per DIRECTV policy and are mandatory every time a new receiver is added to  an account.

·        Technicians should not force downloads on any existingreceivers in a customer’s home (as these boxes should already have the latest update).

·        Technicians installing any model that is not on-air 24 hours per day should not force the software download.


Benefits of Forcing Software Downloads:

·        The lack of the most up to date software may cause a receiver to fail IV protocols.

·        Software downloads resolve many customer affecting issues, as well as enhance the receiver’s performance.

·        Software downloads enable newly-released features or updates the functionality,  improving the performance of the receiver.


How to Force a Software Download:

·        You can start to download software once an active signal feed is achieved.

·        When the “Hello welcome your DIRECTV receiver is starting up”  blue screen appears, Press 0-2-4-6-8on the remote while pointing at the receiver.

·        You should see a status bar indicating “New software found” Version (xxxx).

·        Once a software update begins, wait until the download completes.   DO NOT UNPLUG the receiveras this could corrupt the software and damage the receiver.

·        If you do not force a software update download, the receiver will eventually receive the cue to download software.  If the software download starts, allow the software to download and the receiver to reboot.  Do not unplug or reset the receiver.

·        These rules apply to both new and refurbished receivers.


What models can receive a Forced Download?

DIRECTV RECEIVER MODELS that are ”OK”to force downloads (On-air 24/7):

H25, HR24, HR34, HR44, THR22



 Clients (C31/41) software updates:

·        Software updates for the DIRECTV Clients are first downloaded to the Genie (HR34/HR44).

·        The client will detect the new software on the HR34/44 and apply the update.  However, the HR34/44 will not update client software until the first client is activated.

·        Within 20 minutes of activating the DIRECTV Client on the Genie, the DIRECTV Client(s) will upgrade to the most current software version.

·        Do not set recordings on Genie prior to software updates.


The mechanism for updating DIRECTV Client software is as follows:

·        After the first DIRECTV Client is activated (all the way through to “Watch DIRECTV”),  the Genie will listen for an announcement that new software is available for the DIRECTV Client.

·        When the announcement is received, the software will be downloaded to the Genie (this process takes about 20 minutes from the time the DIRECTV Client is activated on the Genie).


 Do NOT force software downloadson any other IRD models (Software is not on-air 24/7)


Forcing the download will cause the receiver to sit at 0% until the download times out: (Note: software will update within 24 hours of connection to a live satellite signal, if software update is available).