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DirecTV iPhone App - Choppy audio/video with Airplay/Mirroring to ATV


I was happy to hear DirecTV activated Airplay and updated to 4.2.3. However, I am experiencing choppy audio/video when using airplay to my ATV from my iPhone 4S. THe video plays as expected on the iPhone so the problem is definitely between the iPhone & ATV. I noticed DTV is using Mirroring rather than true Airplay like HBOGo (video is displayed on the iPhone in the DTV App where as there is no video displayed in the HBOGo App). I have no such issues with HBOGo App, YouTube or anything else streaming to my ATV via AirPlay. I deleted and reinstalled the DTV APP but the choppiness remains. Anyone else experiencing this? 


Also, I noticed Live TV from the DirecTV App is still blocked from Airplay/mirroring? WTH?