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MEtv How To:


I live in metro Atlanta.  Our local ABC affiliate, WSB-TV has a subchannel called MEtv. I would very much like to watch this channel.  I'd also like to be able to watch Antenna TV out of Chicago.  Exactly what do I need to buy in order to get these OTA channels?  Does my HD24 receiver have a built-in OTA tuner? Do we have to actually put a big antenna on the roof?  I called Direct-TV but they were no help.


We know nothing about this kind of thing, so I'd appreciate any specific information you can give us!


Thanks, Teri B

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    If you want local over the air (OTA) channels you will need an OTA antenna plus the AM21 tuner and the HR34 Genie or a THR22 Tivo'ed DTV receiver to scan for channels. The HR24 can only get the OTA channels in your area from a DTV data base that is bloated with channels and sub channels and DTV is adding few if any new channels and the channels you want may not be in the data base..  


    You can see which channels you would be able to pick up by going to





    The AM21 is available for purchase from DirecTV for $50.00

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    No way you are going to be able to pick up an station from Chicago in Atlanta, GA

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    Antenna TV is Ch. 36.3 on WATL in Atlanta.  As mentioned above, a suitable off-air antenna and AM21 Off Air Tuner will pick up that channel.