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HR34 / Genie DVR Functionality Problems (Freezing / Lockup)


(I also posted this question in the Whole-Home DVR forum. I'm reposting here in case this is the more appropriate forum to address my problem.)




During the last three weeks (i.e., roughly since the latest software upgrade), I've begun to experience glitches with the DVR controls on my HR34 / Genie box. The glitches manifest themselves in different ways. Sometimes, if I've recorded a show, when I try to watch the show, it will work for about three seconds and then lock up. Sometimes, if I try to pause or rewind live TV, the DVR will let me pause or rewind, but then it will lock up when I try to "play" it. 


This is strictly a matter of the DVR controls locking up; I'm not experiencing any problems with the broadcast signal. Also, I'm not getting any error messages, and the box repeatedly passes the "system test" thing.


Notably, when I hit the reset button, the glitches go away for about a day. But, they inevitably always recur. So, I find that I've been resetting my box about once a day for the last three weeks. 


I've called DirecTV twice about the problem, and they haven't been able to make a permanent fix. (We get the DVR to work during the call, but the problems recur a day later.) The second time, the guy talked me into buying the warranty and having a technician come out. However, I'm having second thoughts about that advice and expense, and I'm inclined to think that this is a problem with the recent software upgrade. 


Any thoughts about what the issue might be and how I can troubleshoot it?  


I'd welcome your input. Thanks so much.