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upgrade to hd dvr


I currently have a SD DVR receiver, model R16-500, and have thinking about upgrading to an HD DVR for my new HDTV.  Would I need new dishes for the HD DVR receiver?  I also have standard SD receivers (not DVR) on two other TV's.  They are connected to older sets and I have no need to upgrade them to DVR or HD at this time.  Can I keep the SD receivers?  Could I install the new HD DVR myself, or would that require a tech coming to my house?


In an unrelated note, when I logged on to DIRECTV.COM, under MY EQUIPMENT, I see that my current three recievers are listed as disconnected, but they are obviously not, as I continue to receive DIRECTV on all three set.  What's up with that?

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    1. Most likely, yes, you would need a new HD-capable Slimline satellite dish.

    2. What model numbers are those other SD Receivers?   

    3. Since you'll likely need a new dish, you should call DirecTV and let them come upgrade and install everything. 

    4. You'll have to call DirecTV for questions about your account and equipment status.